9am                     Gates open

11am 2pm       Young Eagle Rides provided by EAA Chapters 242, 249, 468, and 690 near Lower Pavilion

12:30pm            Sandwich platters, cookies, chips, and drinks in Main Hangar

All day                 Swimming, fishing, RC simulators, buy raffle tickets and T-shirts in Main Hangar

4pm                    RC demos at lake near Lower Pavilion

6pm                     Hamburger dinner in Main Hangar, sponsored by AOPA

8:30pm               The Great Waldo Pepper in the Learning Center

8:30pm               Bonfire at Lower Pavilion


8:30am               Chick-fil-a chicken biscuits and fruit at Lower Pavilion, sponsored by AMA

10am                   Learning Center: Jim Wilson Owning and Maintaining Vintage Airplanes

11am                   **Official welcome announcement and important messages in main hangar**

11:30 12:30     RC demos at lake near Lower Pavilion

All day                 Swimming, fishing, RC sims, buy raffle tickets and T-shirts in Main Hangar, visit vendors

11am 2pm       Food trucks on site near Main Hangar

1pm                     Learning Center: FAA Safety Team Presentation

1:45pm               Learning Center: EAA The Spirit of Aviation

2:30pm               Learning Center: Connie Bowlin Warbirds of America President

3:15pm               Learning Center: Susan Dusenbury Vintage Aircraft Association President

4pm                     Learning Center: Cayla McLeod and Ryan Hunt Young Aviators Fly-In Coordinators      

4:45 5:45pm  RC demos at lake near Lower Pavilion                 

6pm                    Chicken dinner at Main Hangar, sponsored by EAA

6:15pm               Raffle winners announced at Main Hangar during dinner

9pm                     Night RC airshow at the lake, provided by AMA


Breakfast at Lower Pavilion
3pm                     Gates close


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