The list of items to be completed before the Joe Nall as usual is quite lengthy. All volunteer help is greatly appreciated. We ar looking for volunteers to to help with any of this work.  

If you have the time starting April 16th come out and camp for a week or weekend and volunteer.  Contact Jack Spring for details. (985) 514-1055 Please leave a message and he will return your call.

  •  Mulch-place mulch around trees, plantings, electrical boxes, hookups. Use skid steer, rakes, etc.
  • Debris-pick up logs, sticks, rocks in areas to be mowed. Use green p/U truck
  • Mowing-contact Dick Schliesman or Matt Crain for areas to be mowed, equipment to use, height to cut
  • Weed eating-White fence line on classis RC line, hill behind patio, around chicken cooking area, around buildings as needed,
  • Edging-Use edger and any area where grass, weeds are growing over concrete (walkways, driveways, pads around buildings)
  • Vacuum - Toro Versavac, all 419 grass areas after cutting Do not use in off runway areas as it will bend roller.
  • Bush Hog-Use AC tractor and bush hog on hilly area next to Davies property, right side of truck access area, trails, woods.
  • Blower-Blow off patio, water plants every 3 days, set fire in fireplace, clean tables and chairs, clean out Igloo coolers, start big cooler, check temps.
  • Cleaning:
  • Kitchen
  • Hangar, blow out, Windex windows, vacuum corners and sliding door rails, machine on floor(be sure it is previously charged and cleaned) do not use if charge in low.
  • Shop-blow out clean out trash in corners, clean refer,
  • Clean chicken racks, clean out pit
  • Learning center, clean all window ledges, vacuum, check all simulators for operational status, straighten up chairs and tables
  • Restoration building: blow out and straighten up tables. Clean up model shop area, and check that sufficient supplies are available.
  • General Store- straighten up and set up counter, check for trash bags availability
  • Bathhouses; check for sufficient supplies, mops, buckets, brooms, dust pans
  • Lower Pavilion pressure wash floor, bar area, clean bar with soap/water. Clean up stools, chairs, tables, grill.
  • Lower bathhouse-Check on washer/dryer for operational status. Check all doors, toilets, showers, sinks to be sure working properly.
  • Restock and clean our storage room.
  • Set up premium camping area with name signs, check water and elec. Working at each hookup.
  • Clean up gazebo at U Control area. Blower, hose, shovel.
  • Clean leaves out of Fuel Farm, Blower, shovel
  • Repair u control circles where no grass is growing