Pricing & Check-in

Stop by check-in at the pavilion for armbands and camping passes

 All pilots who fly in will receive a commemorative plaque.

Daily Fees

Pilots of participating aircraft - $15 per day, includes aluminum plaque, name badges

Passengers arriving with participating aircraft – $15 /day, Kids 12 and under– FREE

Spectators arriving by car - $15 /day, Kids 12 and under– FREE

All Spectators MUST be a Current member of EAA, AOPA, AMA, any Full Scale Flying Organization, possess a Full Scale Pilot's License or be a guest of the aforementioned! Your Host must be at the gate when you purchase your tickets.

Camping Site Fees – (virtually unlimited number of sites)

Regular Camping (tent, trailer, popup, RV) with NO electric or water hookup - $17 day.

Regular camping (tent, trailer, popup, RV) with single electric hookup - $32 day. NOTE: Electrical availability is limited and will be accommodated on a first come, first served basis, onsite. Most are 20 amp circuits with limited 30 amp availability.

Premium Camp Sites see camping page.

AVGAS will only be available on an Emergency basis only.

Be prepared for a two to three hour wait for fuel.

(Check for pricing at Registration)

Pilot Registration required for purchase. 

We are also accepting donations. Help Support the "Triple Tree Foundation"!
Donation boxes will be located at the registration desk or you can donate online.