Triple Tree Today

The "Triple Tree Today" page is dedicated to letting the world in on what new and exciting things are going on at Triple Tree. Plus giving you an insight on the daily activities and people, whose works make Triple Tree a place you want to bring your family and friends. Not only to enjoy the aircraft flying and on display, but to see one of the most beautiful aerodromes in the world and learn about aviation of all kinds!

Mr. Pat and the gang at Triple Tree are always working to improve the property and facilities, in an effort to make your visit here one of the most memorable experiences in your life. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome and all are read before the executive committee for consideration.

To send us your suggestions and comments, just fill out the form on the "Contact" page of the website.  

Current Projects

Registration letters will be mailed out January 25, 2013 and online registration will follow 3 or 4 days later. 

Rebuilding the Control Line Circles.

Improving the Airplane Parking and RC Flying area on the east side of the runway.

Building new Pull-off Road around the Welcome Center.

Increasing Spectator Area at Upper Gazebo.

Smoothing Dip on North End of the Runway.