This page will be updated with pertinent information as the Triple Tree Fly-In date approaches. There is also a telephone information line at 1-866-678-4922 for updates when internet access is unavailable. 

We have Emergency Fuel only. $TBD gal. 
Check with the local airports to see if they have special pricing for pilots flying in and out of Triple Tree.

The preregistrations are coming in and it looks like there’s going to be a HUGE crowd this year. Each year, the staff (one person), volunteers and especially Mr. Pat work really, really hard to make certain that we exceed your expectations. For this year, camping and parking has been expanded and new and exciting events and meals are planned.  Historically, the one area that we have not met expectations is refueling. This is the result of a limited capacity of our refueling tank/trailer and limited refueling staff. Long wait times and frustration resulted.  We try to stretch every donated dollar so after careful evaluation, it was decided that it just doesn’t make sense to acquire additional low footprint weight refueling trailers that would only be used once a year.

For this year’s fly-in, whenever possible, we are asking that pilots plan their fuel so that refueling is not required at Triple Tree.  Emergency fuel will be available for those that can’t arrive (for whatever reason) with sufficient fuel to make it to a convenient refueling location upon leaving Triple Tree. Pilots requesting refueling should expect two to three hour for refueling to be completed. Pricing of Triple Tree fuel will be posted prior to the event. Expect it to be higher than the fuel available at nearby airports. Please see below map showing refueling locations nearby. The prices posted are current as of 8/08/2014 and are subject to change.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We are excited and looking forward to seeing you soon!