8th Annual Triple Tree Aerodrome Fly-In

 Sept. 3rd-7th, 2014

Airport Ident. SC00/Woodruff, SC


On behalf of Pat Hartness, the staff and the army of Triple Tree volunteers, we would like to welcome you to the Triple Tree Fly-In webpage!
So, what exactly is the Triple Tree Fly-In and how is it different from other well known fly-ins? To fully understand the difference, you have to go all the way back to the beginning. Triple Tree Aerodrome is the vision of Mr. Pat Hartness. Pat wanted to construct an aviation facility like no other. In his mind, this would be a very special place where people of all ages could come together to enjoy themselves, make friends and further their passion for all things that fly.  First and foremost, they had to enjoy themselves so the motto (and the mantra of all staff and volunteers) became “The Home of Fun, Fellowship and Hospitality.” We take this motto very seriously. This is an aerodrome and a fly-in where YOU are special. You will ALWAYS be greeted by a friendly face and someone will always be nearby to help. We sincerely want for you to have the best time of your life while visiting Triple Tree. We’re going to make certain you have the very best camping facilities, the very best food, the friendliest staff and the very best aviation social experiences. This welcoming Fun, Fellowship and Hospitality will begin with your first radio call to the advisory controller and won’t end until the same controller tells you “Thanks for coming” when you depart. In between, you’re going to experience the very best aviation accommodations available anywhere. We know that after visiting, you’ll agree that there is something very special about Triple Tree.

Mr. Hartness recently donated this fabulous facility to a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the purpose to further the passion for aviation thru education. ALL proceeds from Triple Tree events are utilized solely for the on-going expenses associated with the operation and maintenance of the aerodrome. Classes in aviation and aviation history are conducted in cooperation with local schools and other aviation related organizations such as the Civil Air Patrol are directly supported by Triple Tree.

Now, for the event itself; you’re certainly not going to be alone or bored. This is no small fly-in. In 2013, over 800 aircraft visited Triple Tree for this event! We expect this number to increase every year as the word spreads. Safety is paramount and you’ll be very comfortable, regardless of your experience level, operating from our 7,000 x 400 foot, perfectly manicured, bentgrass runway. Ground crews will help you park and event staff will be available for any assistance required. Virtually limitless camping sites are available with those near the Enoree River and our lakes going to the early arrivers. Shaded sites are abundant. Off-site hotels with shuttle transportation are available. Transportation around the 440 acre site is provided by buses which run constantly. There is plenty of food available during the week and special meals on Friday and Saturday evening that you just won’t want to miss.  There are seminars and classes held as well as entertainment for the spouses. Be sure to sign up early for all of these events as they usually sell out fast. The Triple Tree Fly-In is not air show or product driven. Rather, it’s really all about the People, their Planes and their Passion for all things that fly. All aircraft types are welcomed including ultralights, helicopters, homebuilts, warbirds and, of course, all production aircraft. You’re going to have a great time socializing with other aviators and you’re going to see a few aircraft that you have probably never seen before. We have pilots attending each year from as far away as Texas and Canada.

Triple Tree offers:

  • 7,000 x 400 ft. manicured bentgrass runway
  • Restored WWII  control tower
  • 440 acre site
  • Unlimited exceptional camping sites
  • Unrivaled, CLEAN bath facilities with private showers and granite countertops
  • Over six miles of hiking trails
  • Fishing – yes, you can eat them while on-site
  • Friendliest staff
  • Great food
  • Great educational seminars
  • Fun social events
  • World’s most beautiful aviation facility
  • FUN, Fellowship and Hospitality - Guaranteed!!!
  • Please plan to join us for the Triple Tree Fly-In!




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