The Aerodrome

Pat Hartness, assisted by a  team of associates and volunteers, sculpted the Triple Tree Aerodrome from a bare field and changed it into a first-class aviation facility. Ground-breaking began in 2000 when the lake and a 7000 foot grass runway were first created. In the ensuing years, a hangar, workshop, 1940's tower, multiple gazebos, shower facilities, campsites, hiking trails, helicopter sites and more have been added. Throughout the years, as needs were encountered, Pat and the team have seen to it that those needs were met. Triple Tree is all about continuous improvement and change so that our visitors have the best possible experience. Each year new projects are tackled. In the past year, the main runway has been replanted and over 12,000 pounds of fertilizer applied so that the golf-green style runway, so popular with all of our aviators, is better than ever! A new huge addition to the lower bathhouse facility has been added and yes, it does have granite counter tops!!!!