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Perhaps it’s best if we start by understanding just who owns Triple Tree. Even those that have just begun to enjoy RC flying have heard of Triple Tree and of the incredible generosity of Mr. Pat Hartness. Pat bought the land and continues to this day overseeing the development and improvement of this world-class aviation facility. The general feeling is that Pat owns Triple Tree and he allows us to use it. That was correct until Pat donated Triple Tree to a 501(c)3, non-profit, educational entity that is governed by a board of directors. Pat did this so to ensure that Triple Tree will endure for ages to come. Most visitors don’t get to see the hundreds of school kids that visit Triple Tree during the fall and winter. It is quickly becoming an educational destination for area school children as well as Cub scouts, Boy scouts, CAP units. The mission of Triple Tree is "To Ignite and Expand the Passion for Aviation" and we’re doing it!

As board members, it is our responsibility to ensure that Mr. Pat’s wishes are met and that Triple Tree will endure. That means that we have a real responsibility to run it in a fiscally responsible way. Triple Tree must be self-sustaining to survive. The fees we receive from our guests at our incredible events like Joe Nall Week and the Triple Tree Fly-In go directly to the day-to-day operation of Triple Tree. In short, these funds pay electricity bills, fund insurance policies, buy diesel fuel, grass seed, fertilizer, tractor and mower upkeep and, in general, provide what’s needed to keep Triple Tree running. Small donations also are used for these purposes. These funds MAINTAIN things (including our buildings).

We are fortunate to have a few, very generous, large donors. The funds received from these individuals are used to do capital projects like our current Education Building or perhaps the future lower bathhouse expansion. These funds BUILD things.

The needs of Triple Tree are expanding as our facilities grow along with our long list of events and activities. Our grass always needs fertilizer and cutting and our buildings are getting to the age where we are beginning to see the need for real maintenance. While our event derived funds allow us to operate Triple Tree today, they are not sufficient to allow us to maintain it and build it tomorrow.

Please take a minute to contemplate what Triple Tree means to all of us aviators. It’s a one-of-a-kind place, dedicated to what we find thrilling and enjoyable - aviation. It’s an incredible gift from one man with unbelievable vision and generosity. It’s been deemed worthy of sizeable donations by some of the best business men in the world. Please, consider making a donation now to help us realize our collective dream. Use the PayPal button below to donate now to help us keep Triple Tree the number one aviation destination for all of us as well as the aviators of the future. We promise that every single penny you donate will be used wisely and efficiently.

Thank you,
Triple Tree

Triple Tree Aerodrome Inc.
330 Mary Hanna Rd
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