Support the Vision

In Triple Tree, Pat Hartness created a place where aviation minded people could gather to have the time of their lives. A place where enthusiasts could share their passion and knowledge to others.

But he didnít stop there.

In 2012, he put the property and buildings into a 501(c)(3) trust. This means that donations to Triple Tree are now tax deductible! His goal is to see the events and fellowship continue for generations to come.

Your contributions to Triple Tree are tax-deductible


Help keep the Dream

Please realize that with the Aerodrome, every dollar you spend at events Ė entry fees, camping fees, and landing fees - goes directly into support of the facility.

Currently, event income does not fully cover the costs of maintaining the facility. Thatís where the foundation comes in.

Designed to help establish a financial base for the facility, the foundation will soon be operating a fund-raising drive to help create a method to fund operations on a continuous basis.

Look for more information about how you can help take Patís dream to the future Ė so you, your family and the aviation enthusiasts of the future can benefit from his vision, also.

At Triple Tree, weíre all in this together. Itís our facility now.