Spin Training

Finagin Flips at Triple Tree – AGAIN!


Triple Tree is proud, once again, to host EAA/IAC Aerobatic Hall of Fame Recipient, Gold Seal Master CFI and world-renowned aerobatic instructor Bill Finagin for a weekend of safety education and advanced spin training.

 The Instructor – Bill Finagin was formerly a two-star Admiral in the Navy and has taught large boat sailing at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis. He was also a dental specialist and was a University faculty member. Bill is a Master CFI with Gold Seal and winner of multiple IAC aerobatic contests. In 2008 he was inducted into the EAA/IAC Aerobatic Hall of Fame. In the Air Show arena he holds a surface level waiver an is an ACE (air competency evaluator) [ed. note-and real good pilot] . Bill has over 18,000 hours of dual instructing in a Pitts S-2C and does an excellent job helping his students become safer pilots.
The Plane – Bill uses an Aviat Pitts S-2C highly aerobatic biplane. The Pitts has a Lycoming AEIO-540 engine that is rated at 260 HP. Empty weight of the aircraft is 1,155 pounds with a gross weight of 1,700 pounds. Aerobatic payload with full fuel is 371 pounds. The airplane is extremely NICE AND NIMBLE. If you have ever wanted to fly a Pitts or other highly aerobatic airplane, this is your golden opportunity.

The Venue – Triple Tree Aerodrome (SC00) has requested an aerobatic box over the airport from surface to 8500 AGL to provide for a safe operating environment with plenty of altitude for recovery from any extreme unusual attitudes. In case you are not familiar with Triple Tree, we have a 7000 by 400 foot manicured grass runway and a fully equipped education building.
The event – The course will consist of a ground instruction course of approximately 2 hours during which Bill will acquaint you with spin recovery techniques, show videos of what things will look like from the pilot’s perspective and answer any and all questions that are asked. Attendance at the ground instruction is mandatory to participate in the flight instruction portion of the training where Bill will demonstrate techniques for recovery and then have you do so. Your flight will last about 45 minutes (or less if you so choose) and there are a limit of 6 flying slots available per day.
The Cost – The ground instruction will be $100 for the full session and all materials and we will provide a dinner (menu TBD) included in that price. The flight portion will be an additional $400
for a total of $500. How much do you value your life and the lives of those who fly with you? The training you will receive in this course may very well be life saving. You may pay by cash or check at the session.

When – The ground instruction will be held on Wednesday, April 4, beginning at 6pm in the Robert Shaw Education Building at Triple Tree. Again, dinner will be served that evening. Bill will begin flight instruction on Thursday morning, April 5th and will run thru April 7th if participation levels warrant. Of course, flight sessions are weather dependent. Bill may be able to work something out for any individuals who cannot make the ground instruction session on Wednesday evening.

How to Register – For the ground instruction and dinner portion of the training only, please email Pat Derrick at pderrick@hartness.com or call only after 5pm 864-270-1166 or you can text that number anytime.
To book your flight – contact Bill Finagin directly by phone at 410-353-2622. He will schedule a time that will work for you. Some requirements per Bill are that you must be a FAA certified pilot, weigh no more than 220 pounds and be 6’4” or less to be able to fit in the Pitts.

Please click on the link below for more info and scheduling: