SC Breakfast Club at Triple Tree

Arrival Procedures!


Start your day with a home cooked southern breakfast,
great fellowship and flying! 

Triple Tree is proud to be an annual host location for the South Carolina Breakfast Club.  In 2014,  Triple Tree will host the Breakfast Club on July 13th.  For a schedule of future state-wide, breakfast club events, please click on the Breakfast Club logo at right or click here.

Safety Notice

On Wednesday evening, July 17, 2013 there was a serious accident at Triple Tree involving a full-scale aircraft. Thankfully both occupants of the aircraft escaped life-threatening injuries and have now been released from the hospital. We are truly grateful that this accident wasn't yet another aviation tragedy involving local pilots and passengers.

The staff and personnel of Triple Tree want to remind all pilots that they are expected to operate their aircraft in a manner that does not place themselves or others at risk. This means that the minimum expectation is that all pilots operating at or near Triple Tree will comply with all FAA regulations, operate their aircraft in a safe manner and avoid situations that could cause increased risk. Therefore, all pilots are reminded that when operating at Triple Tree the following guidelines will apply:

 1. Aerobatic maneuvers must comply with all FAA regulatory requirements and, at a minimum, be conducted above 3,000 AGL while operating at or near Triple Tree.
 2. Flybys at Triple Tree must be approved by the advisory tower and flown at a safe altitude. When conducting a flyby, as a general rule, if you're below the top of the control tower or the tree line, you are too low and an immediate climb is required.
 3. Aircraft operations that involve directly overflying people or property (other than the runway) while at low altitudes is prohibited.

Additionally, please avoid direct over flights of the house located just to the right of center line when departing runway 03 and under no circumstance should any low altitude over flights of this house be conducted. Check the website ( for further info and a diagram depicting this house and its location relative to Triple Tree.

 Lastly, all of us at Triple Tree want aviators to enjoy this beautiful facility for decades to come. That can only happen if every pilot operates their aircraft in a safe manner. By following the above rules, risks can be minimized.