Midsouth Sailplane

On Memorial Day Weekend the Midsouth Soaring Championships will once again be held at the Triple Tree Aerodrome in Woodruff South Carolina.  Woodruff is about 20 miles south of Greenville- Spartanburg.

For more information contact Jeff Carr   goinav8n@gmail.com


Mid South Soaring Championships 2016 Review

This event is one of my favorites as I get to hang out with a bunch of great people.  This event draws some very good talent that consists of F3J Team members to former National Champions.  From Texas to New Hampshire.  We come together not only for the flying but fellowship as well.

I arrived on Wed. May 25th just so I could be there to direct people where they could set up camp. I was surprised as the first person showed up at 07:30 with planes and fishing equipment.  It is a great venue and you should take advantage of all that Triple Tree has to offer.

So Thursday was the day when you get your sailplanes all tuned up.  Since A.L.E.S (Altitude Limited Electric Soaring) was first on the agenda many of the entrants were getting theirs ready for the event.  A few RES (Rudder Elevator Spoilers) were also out in full force as it would follow ALES in the afternoon.

Friday was picture perfect.  The wind was very light out of the south.  It was going to be south for 2 days and I was hoping this would be the case.  Itís a little hectic getting the required rounds in as 2 events fly on the same day.  ALES had a few groups that were short.  The lift was not super strong and sometimes the sink was very bad.  The top guys are listed below.
The winners for ALES.
 Expert, 1st David Beach New Hampshire, 2nd Brady Baggs Clayton NC, 3rd Jamie Mercado Ft Lauderdale FL 
Sportsman, 1st Garry Ogilvie Wilson NC, 2nd Ian Ballie Asheville NC, 3rd Russ Merkle Lake Wiley SC.
RES, Expert  1st Raed Elazzawi Orlando Fl, 2nd Lance Ropke New Orleans La, 3rd Peter Schlitzkus
Sportsman, 1st Mark Vepraskas Atlanta, 2nd Garry Ogilvie Wilson NC, 3rd Jim Carroll Charlotte NC

Saturday was a replica of Fridayís weather.  Very little to no wind, and what wind was out of the south.  This meant the winches could be laid out the same as when we used them on Friday.  Many know the struggles I have had with the wind direction in the past.  We did have one sailplane land in a tree but it was rescued by one of the Boy Scouts.  The air was not easy as some of the rounds were won with times in the 5 minute range.  There were many great saves and flights.
We all gathered at the Veranda for the BBQ.  As most know, when you come to the Mid South Soaring Championships we eat pretty good.  So good it canít be good for you.  Jason Jones and Brent Good along with the Boy Scouts did very well by us.  They mean the world to me.  They help make this event great.  It took a little longer for the food to be done but I was able to ramble on and get the awards for Saturday handed out.  
Expert, 1st Nathan Miller Peach Tree City Ga, 2nd Jeff Carr Ft Mill SC, 3rd Brady Baggs Clayton NC
Sportsman, 1st Paul Launkua, 2nd Breyden Chamberlin Florida, 3rd  AJ Wilson Atlanta Ga

On Sunday we woke to rain.  The tropical storm that was supposed to travel up the coast did not and turned and came right at us.  A few with long drives decided to head home.  At 10:30 the rain stopped and we started flying.  The wind was stronger and ballast was used by most of the pilots and some did not.  In the interest of time I decided not to seed the rounds and just keep things rolling.  We got in 6 rounds before 3 pm.  Again a lot of very good flying.  A few had the walk of shame to get their sailplanes as the wind did play havoc with getting back from downwind.  It made for a real soaring contest.
Expert, 1st Randy Everly Norfolk Va, 2nd Jody Miller Orlando Fl, 3rd Jeff Carr Ft Mill SC
Sportsman, 1st Noah Meyers Charleston SC, Breydon Chamberlin Florida, 3rd Ian Ballie Asheville NC
Our Overall winner was Randy Everly of Norfolk Va.  Randy is also the current National F3J Champion.

All I can say is Thank YouÖ.  Really this event doesnít work without the great people of the soaring community.  I asked you to leave the grounds better than when we arrived.  I was not disappointed.  Everyone did just as I asked.  You make it easy for a guy and his family.  So in no order Russ Merkle, Brady Baggs. The Trussells, AJ Wilson, and the people of Triple Tree and my family, Brenda, Lana, Mickayla Steven and Britney.  A very heart felt Thank You.  If I missed anyone Thank you too.  It makes a guy feel good to spend a weekend in Aviation Paradise.

Itís all fun. The way it should be.

Jeff Carr