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Air 122.9 MHz

Ground 123.9 MHz


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SC00 Triple Tree Aerodrome

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Pilots please bring your own tie downs. There are not any available on site.  We have Emergency Fuel only. $TBD gal.

Please check back from time to time for updates and before you leave to come to the Triple Tree Aerodrome Fly-In
Last Revision date: 08/26/2014


Effective 7:30 am to 7:30 pm Wednesday thru Sunday


As our fly-in grows in size and popularity, we at Triple Tree, have instituted a few changes  that borrow on the success that Sun ‘n Fun and Oshkosh have with their arrival procedures.  We feel with the increased volume and complexity; that a more “Controlled” environment needs to be implemented due to frequency congestion and side-by-side arrivals. So here goes:

To borrow a line from my favorite actor, “Listen up pilgrim and listen tight.” This is a major change from years past brought on to enhance safety. Talk it up with fellow pilots; share it at the water cooler/hanger, etc.


Approach Triple Tree from a point 10 NM south of the airport. BE ALERT! START SLOWING DOWN! BE AT YOUR ALTITUDE. HEAD OUTSIDE THE COCKPIT! As far out as practical, get altimeter setting from Greer ATIS on 134.25 and then monitor the Triple Tree multi-com frequency of 122.9. The Wal-Mart Distribution Center is the rally point. Load this fix on your GPS and/or crayon it on the sectional. Study the attached photo. Airborne and enroute is not the time to become familiar with it. It is located at Degree Decimal N34°543 / W81°995,   Degrees minutes and seconds  34°32’53”N / 81°59’56”W, or GRD 020/19.5 NM which is located just south of Interstate 385 and US Highway 221. This waypoint will be referred to as “Wally World”.


 When arriving over Wally World; BE ALERT!  HEAD OUTSIDE THE COCKPIT! ALL arrivals maintain radio silence from here on (unless an emergency exists).  No color or type.  No chatter. No announcement that you finally arrived; we’ll greet you on the ground. Radio congestion at this point is just not safe. *Controllers will make general announcements at given time intervals to let you know we are here awaiting your arrival.* Pick out traffic and follow it!!!
**Single engine, ALL TYPES - Maintain 90 KIAS /104 MPH (or best forward speed) and 1,700 MSL.  Landing lights on, lips closed.
**Twins and high performance, complex singles (Pilatus, Meridian, PT-6 Glassair, P-51 Mustang, etc.); call Triple Tree Tower when approaching Wally World and await special instructions.
Exit Wally World on a heading of 020° and follow US 221 and the railroad tracks. About half way to Enoree, you will pass a large vermiculite mine/sand pit.