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SC00 Triple Tree Aerodrome

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Pilots please bring your own tie downs. There are not any available on site.  We have Emergency Fuel only.

Please check back from time to time for updates and before you leave to come to the Triple Tree Aerodrome Fly-In
Last Revision date: 08/17/2019  *new tower phone number and Runway 03 Departure Advisory*


No departures or arrivals after sunset.


As our fly-in grows in popularity, we have instituted a few changes that help with arrival into our unique venue.  During our Fly-In we will have arrivals from across the United States and with that increased traffic flow a more “controlled” arrival and departure advisory has been implemented when arriving into Triple Tree International Airport. 

To borrow a line from a great American, “Listen up pilgrim and listen tight.”


Approach Triple Tree from a point 10 NM south of the airport. BE ALERT! START SLOWING DOWN! BE AT YOUR ALTITUDE. HEAD OUTSIDE THE COCKPIT! As far out as practical, get altimeter setting from Greer ATIS on 134.25 and then monitor the Triple Tree multi-com frequency of 122.9. The Wal-Mart Distribution Center is the rally point. Load this fix on your GPS and/or crayon it on the sectional. Study the attached photos. Airborne and enroute is not the time to become familiar with it. It is located at Degree Decimal N34°543 / W81°995,   Degrees minutes and seconds  34°32’53”N / 81°59’56”W, or GRD which is located just south of Interstate 385 and US Highway 221. This waypoint will be referred to as “Wally World”.

The Wal-Mart Distribution Center is the rally point and is now a VFR Waypoint named: VPWLW and should be in your database. If not, it is located at N34°543 / W81°995 or GRD 020/19.5 NM which is located just south of Interstate 385 and US Highway 221. This waypoint will be referred to as “Wally World”.

 When arriving over Wally World; BE ALERT!  HEAD OUTSIDE THE COCKPIT! ALL arrivals maintain radio silence from here on (unless an emergency exists).  No color or type.  No chatter. No announcement that you finally arrived; we’ll greet you on the ground. Radio congestion at this point is just not safe. *Controllers will make general announcements at given time intervals to let you know we are here awaiting your arrival.* Pick out traffic and follow it!!!
**Single engine, ALL TYPES - Maintain 90 KIAS /104 MPH (or best forward speed) and 1,700 MSL.  Landing lights on, lips closed.
**Twins and high performance, complex singles (Pilatus, Meridian, PT-6 Glassair, P-51 Mustang, etc.); 2,200 MSL, call Triple Tree Tower when approaching Wally World and await special instructions such as altitude and what the congestion might be like.

Exit Wally World on a heading of 020° and follow US 221 and the railroad tracks. About half way to Enoree, you will pass a large sand pit/vermiculite mine.

Your next fix is the town of Enoree (white water tower and church with red roof)

Degree Decimal N 34°650, W 81°956,   

Degrees minutes and seconds  34°39’11”N 81°58’01”W about 6 NM

This is the time to find an aircraft and line up spinner to tail SO THERE’S NO side-by-side when you leave Enoree!. Note: Over Enoree means just that.  It’s not:  I can see it on the horizon, smell it or it’s off my right wing; but over it!

When over the Enoree turn point, turn left heading 302° and fly directly to the Triple Tree Control Tower and have your ears tuned to control instructions initiated by the controllers. Below is the view of Triple Tree when departing  the Enoree turn point.  If you can’t quite make out Triple Tree tower,  aim for the lake and you’ll end up at midfield.

After crossing the runway at midfield, enter a midfield left downwind for Runway 3 or if runway 21 is the active, a right downwind.  A close-in downwind no further than the west side of the lake, is required.  No cross country’s here. Tower will instruct you on landing sequence at this point. Pre-arranged (that is pilot-to-pilot IAW FAR’s) formation flights OK. Echelon right if landing runway 3; echelon left if landing 21. Break on the downwind, not on final. No exceptions!

Now here’s food for thought:   Wally World and departing the Enoree turn point are two critical areas for the pilots and we cannot stress enough how we need your cooperation in following these procedures. We need your undivided attention when exiting Enoree; with your ears tuned in, because this will be the stage where the sequencing of arrivals will begin. Do Not cut anyone off!!!  We will have “spotters” and will know who you are; besides, it’s unsafe and unethical. Following these procedures will make your flight and our jobs here at Triple Tree, safer and more enjoyable.

 Ultra-Lights: Enter the opposite downwind (southeast) at 1,200 MSL (500 AGL). If radio equipped, listen for advisories on 122.9. If not radio equipped, sequence yourself as best you can. Keep a close pattern and we’ll work traffic around you.

The runways will be marked with red, white and blue “dots”. These dots will be spaced such that, like Lakeland and Oshkosh, we can land multiple aircraft simultaneously. The first “dot” on runway 03 is displaced down the runway to allow for a normal glideslope above the trees.  You will be assigned a “dot” when landing. Please make every effort to touch down on your “dot” and turn off at the appropriate taxiway when slowed to a safe speed.

Clear the runway ASAP to the east and PLEASE KEEP MOVING as you contact ground control on 123.9 AFTER exiting the runway. Watch for signs and ground ops personnel (in orange safety vests) who will direct aircraft traffic to regular parking or camping.

Once your aircraft is parked, check 121.5 for ELT. Then shut down and double check that your mags and master switches are off. Now, you can relax and smile and tell us you arrived!
NORDO Aircraft: If you plan on flying into the aerodrome with no radio (NORDO); please call the control tower @ (864-238-7022) and provide them with the following info:
--Type aircraft
--Departure Point
--Your BEST ETA to the Airport
--(Blood type; if you mess this up. Lol)


When departing Runway 21, fly runway heading until reaching 3NM (or above 2000 MSL) then proceed on course. When departing runway 3, turn left northbound ASAP (if possible and you can safely do this, before the field boundary) and fly north until reaching 3NM (or leaving 2,000 MSL) then proceed on course.

When departing Runway 03, please make a 30-degree left turn at or before the departure end of the runway.  Fly approximately 2 NM then on course. 

These departure procedures are to avoid flying over the neighboring houses and church off the northeast end of the runway. We want to keep our fly-in “neighborhood friendly”.

If you have any comments or concerns; please ask for assistance when you register and write down your thoughts or concerns and we will address them after the fly-in. Again; please follow these procedures and make it an enjoyable, safe and stress-free week.

SIDE NOTE: A 2 quart mayonnaise jar will be at the base of the tower.  All those who check-in with color and type, or worse yet, N number, we now know who you are.  You just told us you didn’t read this - One dollar please in the jar upon landing.
If you have any comments or concerns; please ask for assistance when you register and write down your thoughts or concerns and we will address them after the fly-in. Again; please follow these procedures and make it an enjoyable, safe and stress-free week.

Lastly: Welcome to Triple Tree and enjoy the FUN, FELLOWSHIP and HOSPITALITY.

The navigation hints and photos are published as an aid to finding Triple Tree and entering the traffic pattern. Triple Tree is NOT a controlled field and our controllers are “advisory controllers”. Please follow all applicable FAA regulations concerning uncontrolled airport operations.