Palmetto Pattern Contest

September 14th - 17th 2017

For information contact Tim Pritchett at 864-871-1902 or Email

Online registration coming soon.

1) Registration for the event - $30 (prepay), $35 (upon arrival)
2) Registration for camping - $20/night (prepay), $25/night (upon arrival)
3) Ordering for meals - $8/meal (prepay), $10/meal (upon arrival)

Prepay options will end at midnight Wednesday, September 13th.  From then on, it's upon arrival.

- Event registration is pretty straightforward.  It's a one time fee for the event
- Camping is offered Thursday, through Sunday nights. 
- Ordering meals will be offered for these times:
   Thursday - Supper
   Friday - Supper
   Saturday - Lunch, Supper
   Sunday - Lunch
We'll offer these options at a flat fee (shown above), but also provide coffee and snacks through the event.   Fred Endler will be handling the catering, and will try to provide a menu before the contest.


Pattern, as it is known in the USA, is short for "Precision Aerobatics".  It is flown around the world in many countries, and has produced some incredible pilots that not only have led the world with their flying but also in model airplane technologies.  From the late 1960's until today, US pilots have been major contributors to the sport of precision aerobatics.  We've seen our sport evolve from a .60 size to 1.85 size glow engines, gasoline power, and now electric motors have made huge inroads into our sport.  All of these innovations have been led by a number of US pilots over the years.

The AMA currently sanctions 5 classes of Pattern for its U.S. members:  Sportsman (401), Intermediate (402), Advanced (403), Masters (405), and F.A.I. (406).  The NSRCA also includes Club class, which will be offered at The Palmetto Pattern contest at Triple Tree.Sequences and maneuver descriptions are shown below, but are thoroughly explained on the NSRCA Sequences website, at: 

The Palmetto Pattern Contest will consist of 6 rounds, 4 flown on Saturday, and 2 flown on Sunday, which is the way most U.S. contests are run, weather permitting.  Flight order for classes and pilots will be established Saturday morning, mainly driven by the number of contestants in each class.  Judges will also be selected from among the pilot's, and is determined based on experience, certification through the NSRCA judging program, willingness, and class being flown.  If you've never flown in a pattern contest before, don't expect to be called upon to judge!

Each maneuver is scored by each judge on a scale of 1-10, in 1/2 point increments.  The judges scores are then combined  to provide the total raw score for the round.  Once all pilots have flown in each class, in front of both sets of judges, The top score in the round is given 1000 points, and all other scores are ratio'd (normalized) against that score.  This occurs in each of the 6 rounds that are flown in the contest, allowing for a 6000 point perfect score for the top finisher.  However, only the top 4 rounds are figured in to determine the class winner (the 2 lowest rounds are thrown out).

Awards will be given out for the top three finishers in each class on Sunday afternoon.  You must be a current AMA member to participate.  Camping, catered meals, and advanced registration are all offered at a discounted cost, so sign up, come enjoy the fun, comraderie, and competition at the Beautiful Triple Tree Aerodrome this fall!!