Outdoors & Clays

Sporting Clays event with Clinton House gun club.  

This is the first year that Triple Tree is partnering with The Clinton House hunt and sportsman's club in Clinton, SC.  Dan Roehrs will be escorting any interested party to take part in a unique sporting clays event that is commonly and jokingly referred to as "golfing with shotguns".  This off-site event will take place on Friday.  We will meet sharply at 3 pm up at the main hangar and transported to The Clinton House.  Once there, you will be accompanied by safety officers and receive instruction for those are may be new to shooting sporting clays.  All ages and skill levels are welcome.  We do need advance registration.  Each person will be charged a $60 fee per person.  Rental guns, ammo, ear protection and eye protection can be provided at no additional cost.  Please RSVP no later than September 1st to Dan Roehrs

Other outdoor activities on the Triple Tree property include:

  • Kayaking, canoeing, tubing and general use of the bordering Enoree River (this is more of a stream (with shallow spots) than a river).

  • Walking and hiking.  There are miles of designated trails that our visitors are welcome to explore.  These trails can be accessed up around the main hanger, behind the patio, beside the large upper lake, and behind the maintenance hangar.  Please be careful of poison ivy and such, as well as keeping a sharp eye out for any snakes.  Although rare, it is (after all) outdoors.

  • Fishing.  We welcome our visitors to fish in either of our two lakes.  You can keep and eat the fish.  All we ask is that you ensure fishing gear isn't left on the banks and during the flying hours, visitors be extra careful at the lower pond and stay on the bathhouse side of the pond only.

  • Sightseeing.  Obviously the best activity during this fly-in is to see all the aircraft.  Like any aviation gathering, please keep in mind that these aircraft can be dangerous when running and when displayed, may require permission from the owner to get a detailed look.