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                    TRIPLE TREE FLYER – SEPTEMBER 2014


In this edition:

eWeek 2014 is almost here!

Triple Tree Fly-In 2014

CAF P-51 at Triple Tree – surprise rides!

Tinker Bell C-46 at Triple Tree

Friends of Triple Tree – Pat Derrick

Upcoming Events


eWeek – 2014

The last BIG RC event of the year officially begins on Wednesday, September 24, 2014. Early bird campers will see the gates open on Monday, 22 September at noon! This event is only in its fourth year and its already becoming a major event. Hundreds of pilots will be bringing and flying everything electric! That’s right, the entire Triple Tree facility will be used to fly electric helicopters, control line, Sport/Scale, Float, 3D and park flyer models. Major model vendors will be there as well as world-class noon time demo pilots. As usual, Triple Tree will also offer incredible meals including the world famous barbeque. Check out all of the details at
We look forward to seeing you there!

Triple Tree Fly-In 2014!

Ok, right to what everyone wants to know….how many airplanes attended? The answer……..drum roll please……just north of seven hundred! While the total number is lower than the year before, it’s still very impressive given the fact that low ceilings pretty much shut down the first two days of morning arrivals and thunderstorms over the mountains to the west forced many to cancel altogether. We heard from many, many pilots that they tried but just couldn’t overcome the weather especially, if they had to cross the big hills! They all told us that they will be with us next year! That being said, it’s fair to say that we had a very interesting and wide array of aircraft in attendance. Of course, there was a huge contingent of RVs!

Also in attendance this year were some spectacular warbirds. More on these a little later!