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Joe Nall Week 2018

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Triple Tree Fly-In WEEK   9/03/18 - 9/9/18


 Joe Nall 2018  May 12-19, 2018 

It’s almost here! For the one or two people on the planet that think I’m talking about spring, you’re wrong! Triple Tree’s Joe Nall is now less than thirty days away. This world-famous, world’s largest RC happening is just an absolute must attend for anyone that loves RC modeling. Every year, the event gets bigger and better and 2018 is going to be the biggest and the best ever!  The grounds are just spectacular and, as usual, there are going to be some really nice surprises. Ok, maybe these shouldn’t be surprises as they may impact some travel decisions you’re making so here goes:
First, the brand new, hugely expanded, Triple Tree luxurious women’s bathhouse is almost complete. You are just not going to believe the size of this facility. No more waiting in line for sure. All of the usual amenities are present including individual private shower/dressing areas and granite countertops are waiting for our first guests. Additionally, the outside of the facility has a long, shaded porch overlooking the 3D runway and a semi-attached, air-conditioned pilot’s lounge! Wow, what a fabulous addition to the world-famous Triple Tree 3D flight line area!!!!!


Next, as usual at Triple Tree, every 0ne of our structures has its own special touch. Yep, perched right up on top of the new bathhouse/pilot lounge is a historic, working, airport beacon which we’re sure will be lit up during the Nall!