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 TRIPLE TREE FLYER – February 2015

In this edition:    Chilly Chili Fly-In Review – Holey Moley!!!!

Joe Nall Week – Getting Ready!

Friends of Triple Tree – Capt. Joe McGlothlin

Chili Chilly Fly-In Review – Holey Moley!!!!

Like the line from the movie says, “build it and they will come”.  On Saturday, Feb. 7, Triple Tree held the second annual Chilly Chili Fly-In. To say it was a success would be the understatement of the year! With great forecasted weather and fuel prices low, our best estimate was that we would have 125-150 airplanes arriving for lunch. That seemed reasonable as it would have been a 20-25% growth over the previous year. Pre-registrations started coming in on the Monday before and by Friday evening, they were SLAMMING us! We decided to keep the registration open past the designated Friday evening, 7:00 PM cutoff as we continued to receive phone calls, emails, etc. asking if they could still come despite missing the cutoff. The answer was a resounding Triple Tree “Home of Fun, Fellowship and Hospitality” YES! Mark Davidson (the originator of this event and Triple Tree’s Guru of Grub), kept upping the amount of groceries as the crowd grew.
The arrivals started around 8:30 am and continued throughout the day. As always, Sonny (in the tower) kept things orderly (although very busy) and Ken and his guys and girls got everyone parked.

There was lots of socializing at the hangar and on the patio (overlooking the lake) and the weather was just incredible. Who would believe almost 60 degrees in early February?