TRIPLE TREE FLYER – September 2017


                                           R.B. and BUSTER
One of the many, many true blessings of volunteering at Triple Tree is that we get to meet, know, and enjoy friends from all over the world. Some of these friends are energetic, some are more laid back, some are quiet and yet others are outgoing. They are individuals for sure but all share a common, wonderful trait; they love others and enjoy the Triple Tree experience. What they seldom realize is that their presence at our events make these events even more special. You know them; they are the ones that put a smile on your face when you see them. You just HAVE to stop, say hello and maybe give them a little extra personal attention. These special attendees are part of what makes Triple Tree different and special. We see it, we recognize it and we truly love it.
R.B. Kincaid has been a special friend to Triple Tree for many, many years. He always brings laughter and a sense of joy to our events. He’s always one of the first to arrive and usually, one of the very last to leave. He’s a special friend to Triple Tree and we always look forward to seeing him. For what seems like countless years now, R.B. has had a constant companion by his side as both make the rounds at the Triple Tree events. Buster, R.B.’s special Boston terrier, has been, for 13 years, one of those quiet friends that has created untold joy at Triple Tree. Buster could play dead better than any other dog and “when alive” he was always entertaining! Buster was just one of those guests that we always welcomed and just assumed would always be with us. Unfortunately, Buster crossed the rainbow bridge last week. He was at Triple Tree, with R.B. and many of his Triple Tree friends when he was stricken. Losing a canine friend is never easy; we’ve suffered this before with some of our special human Triple Tree friends who also had very special dogs. It hurts but we just truly feel fortunate to have such an assortment of true, entertaining, energetic, and yes, loving friends.
 We’re all sad and share R.B.’s grief but we will move on with great memories. We’ll move on but we will all, in our own way, always miss our little tuxedo-clad, entertaining buddy.
Rest in peace Buster. You were loved by many.