The "Latest News" page is dedicated to letting the world in on what is new and exciting going on at Triple Tree. Plus giving you an insight on the daily activities and people, whose works make Triple Tree a place you want to bring your family and friends. Not only to enjoy the aircraft flying and on display, but to see one of the most beautiful aerodromes in the world and learn about aviation of all kinds!  Mr. Pat and the gang at Triple Tree are always working to improve the property and facilities, in an effort to make your visit here one of the most memorable experiences in your life.



In this edition:Joe Nall Week 2015 is almost HERE!

New Welcome Center

Expanded Electric Line Camping

Volunteerism at Triple Tree

Uncle John Hartness

Uncle John Asks

Triple Tree Closed to GA May 9-16

Joe Nall Week/CAF – Another Triple Tree First



It’s late April, the weather is still comfortably cool but warmer during the days, the grass is greening up and the Triple Tree volunteers are working like crazy for one reason; JOE NALL WEEK 2015 IS ALMOST HERE!
We just can’t express how excited we are to once again welcome our old and new friends to Triple Tree for the world’s largest (and friendliest) RC event! Veterans of this annual event always look forward to see the improvements (aka Mr. Pat’s surprises) made to the facility since the last Joe Nall Week. Well, this year, just like a jet RC too close to your feet, we’re going to blow your socks off! There’s a new Welcome Center, the Electric Line camping area has been greatly improved and expanded (heck it even has its own bridge), the premium RV spaces have increased electrical capacity, the 3D area has fewer “plane catchers” and there’s going to be a build tent dedicated just to kids and other newcomers to the incredible RC passion. This is going to be a Joe Nall to remember!
Please travel safely and once you enter those famous Triple Tree gates, turn off your work, turn off your cell phone, turn ON your relaxation, turn ON the enjoyment of your family and friends, and most of all, TURN ON YOUR RC PASSION!