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                    TRIPLE TREE FLYER SEPTEMBER 2014


8th Annual Triple Tree Fly-In

Sept 3-7, 2014

It's almost here!!!!! Yep, we're only days away from what is quickly becoming the favorite fly-in of the year. The Triple Tree crew has been working harder than ever and we think you're going to find the 7000 x 400ft grass runway greener and smoother than ever! We've seen record pre-registrations from veteran Triple Tree-ers and we've fielded calls from hundreds of first timers so this year promises to be the biggest and best yet!

We've also heard from owners of some really fabulous airplanes that are planning to attend. Have you ever seen a 1926 Fairchild 71? How about one that was originally owned by Pan American World Airways? Ok, how about one that the owners suspect was flown by Charles Lindbergh? Weather permitting, it's going to be at Triple Tree!


Have you ever wanted to ride in or even fly a real, live P-51 Mustang? The Dixie  Commemorative Air Force, working with Triple Tree (both non-profits) are trying to get their beautiful P-51 to the fly-in so that you can experience a ride in this historic fighter. They need six rides reserved to make it possible to get the airplane to Triple Tree as the Dixie Commemorative Air Force needs to make just enough to pay the expenses. If you're a licensed pilot, you can fly it since this is a dual control Mustang. Come on, how many of us have been saying "One day, I'm going to take a Mustang ride"? Could their possibly be a better place and time to do it than at Triple Tree during the fly-in???? One last note: 75% of the cost of the ride may be tax deductible. Please check with your tax professional.
To arrange your ride, go to the "Hot News" section of the Triple Tree Fly-In for more info or contact Philip Beegle directly at :


Next, don't forget about the fabulous evening meals. There's lots of changes and improvements. For those that love the "Cook Your Own Steak Night", there's the huge grill (one hundred steak capacity) that everyone has always enjoyed but for this year, there's seven (yes seven) new grills that will be placed around and each has the capacity to cook fifty steaks at a time. No more waiting in line smelling everyone else's dinner cooking!