TRIPLE TREE FLYER – September 2016

In this edition:

The Triple Tree Fly-In 2016

Huge Meals- Smiling Faces

Expanded Camping – Beautiful and FULL!

Season Ending Events

Triple Tree Fly-In 2016

Finally, for only the second time in recent history, we had GREAT weather and boy, did the airplanes ever flock to Triple Tree! Over 800 aircraft arrived during the event and our tower advisors recorded more than 1900 aircraft movements! For the first time ever, we saw the newly expanded, lower camping area closed to new arrivals on Thursday as it was completely full.

By Saturday afternoon, parked aircraft stretched most of the way up the east side of the runway in rows two and three deep! The weather was absolutely spectacular in that visual arrivals were the norm from sun-up to sun-down. The wind was light and pretty much right down the runway so conditions just couldn’t have been more perfect!
Speaking of perfect, many of the world’s most beautiful aircraft were flown into Triple Tree for this event. Have you ever seen a Lockheed Electra? Well, we had several of the very best parked front and center and they were truly gorgeous.

Airplanes just seem to be constantly arriving and the Ground Team did a great job of getting them parked. These volunteers do an incredible job each year and, with this year’s warm temperatures, several hours in the bright sunshine really showed their dedication. The fact that they always greet arriving pilots and passengers with “Welcome to Triple Tree” just adds to the excitement of arriving for another of the fabulous Triple Tree events.

Once parked, the roaming limo carts made getting to registration a breeze!

At Triple Tree, we are truly happy to see our old and many new, friends each year. We feel like it’s a homecoming weekend!