The "Latest News" page is dedicated to letting the world in on what is new and exciting going on at Triple Tree. Plus giving you an insight on the daily activities and people, whose works make Triple Tree a place you want to bring your family and friends. Not only to enjoy the aircraft flying and on display, but to see one of the most beautiful aerodromes in the world and learn about aviation of all kinds!  Mr. Pat and the gang at Triple Tree are always working to improve the property and facilities, in an effort to make your visit here one of the most memorable experiences in your life.


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In this edition:

Electric Line Renovation – HUGE News!

Eweek 2016 – It’s Electrifying!

Fabric and Tailwheel Lunch – What a Day!

The Care and Feeding of Triple Tree

Electric Line Renovation – Huge News!


We’ve noticed for the last several years that the Electric Line is the fastest growing area of Joe Nall Week. To say the electric crowd is growing at a phenomenal rate would be an understatement! Mr. Pat and the volunteers have pretty much doubled the camping area and this year saw the addition of the old Welcome Center building which gives some much needed shade and a place to make quick repairs. As you know, every year, we try to make improvements that will make our guest’s experience better and better. For 2016, we planted new grass and, for the first time, really groomed the electric runway. It wasn’t good enough. So, a new MAJOR project for us is to bring the electric runway to the exact same level of excellence as the main and 3D runways. Yep, that’s right…..pool table smooth and that Tift 419 Bermuda that just begs for you to walk bare foot.
The first step in this process is to level the runway. As you can see in the photo below, Mr. Pat has moved literally tons and tons of dirt and is using this to both level the runway and provide a perfect root base for the new grass. I know, I know…..I can just hear it now; “Eweek is coming and they are tearing up the electric line?” Well, you can relax. Once the runway is leveled, the 419 Bermuda will be “sprigged” (a process where Bermuda sod is shredded and the pieces pushed into the ground). Within six weeks (with lots of sun and water) it will knit together and form that perfect Triple Tree flying surface.
This “new” runway is, like our other runways, going to be world-class and will offer the very best electric flying experience. Plan to come to Eweek and experience it!

Eweek 2016 – It’s Electrifying!

 Eweek – Sept. 26-October 2, 2016
 Wow, Joe Nall Week 2016 saw another record crowd and everyone was saying it was “the best Nall ever”! This can only mean one thing; Eweek 2016 is going to be the best ever E-EVENT! If you’ve attended this event before, you just know that it doesn’t get any better than flying your electric models at Triple Tree, enjoying that great Triple Tree “Fun, Fellowship and Hospitality”, and visiting with old and new friends. All of our flying lines will be open and there’s lots of new stuff to see. The new Learning Center is just FULL of RC simulators and beautiful models. There’s also a new, expanded vendor area and even more incredible camping spots. The food, as usual, will be just incredible and the weather, this time of year, will surely be just perfect. Lastly, the new, renovated electric runway is going to be incredible!
This is going to be the perfect event, at the perfect time and at the perfect place. Make plans NOW to be at Eweek this year. You’re going to have the time of your life!
 So, go to our website ( and pre-register right away. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

Fabric and Tailwheel Lunch – What a Day!

What a day! Saturday, June 11, saw yet another Triple Tree Fabric and Taildragger Fly-In lunch. Sixty two airplanes of all types made an easy arrival as the sun was out and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.
 The first started arriving before 9:00 am and by noon, there were some of the most beautiful aircraft seen this side of Oshkosh!