The "Latest News" page is dedicated to letting the world in on what is new and exciting going on at Triple Tree. Plus giving you an insight on the daily activities and people, whose works make Triple Tree a place you want to bring your family and friends. Not only to enjoy the aircraft flying and on display, but to see one of the most beautiful aerodromes in the world and learn about aviation of all kinds!  Mr. Pat and the gang at Triple Tree are always working to improve the property and facilities, in an effort to make your visit here one of the most memorable experiences in your life.



                            TRIPLE TREE FLYER – APRIL  2014


Joe Nall 2014 - One Month To Go !!!!! (May 10-17)

Well everybody, Joe Nall 2014 is almost here! For those of you that have attended before, you know that this is THE RC event of the year and is the largest RC event in the U.S. and maybe the world!!! For any aviator (RC or Full Scale) this is an event that you have to experience to believe. Giant scale models from all over the world put on incredible displays of aeronautical capability and the pilots make these models do things that just seem impossible. Would you believe a 40% scale Pitts Special and a turbojet Eurofighter performing a flawless formation aerobatic routine??? How about a really giant scale B-29 doing aerobatics then launching the X-1?? The nighttime flying of LED lit electric models is just breathtakingly beautiful in that they resemble huge aerobatic fireflies. Next, go to the lower end and watch the 3D guys hover giant scale airplanes and dip their tails in the lake. The Helis round things out doing aerobatics that just seem impossible. At days end, there are great social events and meals that just get better and better each year.
Like every year before, this year there are some great surprises in store. The lower end of the property has been beautifully cleared, landscaped and a new lake created. Check out the new bridges over the pond. This area (that used to be scrub and thicket) is now the most spectacular camping area imaginable. If you had an old favorite camping site, you might just want to check out this area before settling into your old favorite. It is truly spectacular!

The staff and volunteers and Triple Tree are eagerly awaiting your arrival. Come early and plan to stay the week. Joe Nell 2014 is going to be bigger and better than ever. Only one thing will never change: Triple Tree is the home for Fun, Fellowship and Hospitality.


We just got word that a couple of really BIG giant scale, WWI fighters are coming to Joe Nall! Check them out below. Joe Nall 2014 promises to be BIGGER and better than ever!

The New Bridges are Painted and Installed!

Another quick update on our new bridges. Over the past few weeks, the Triple Tree volunteers have painted the bridges and wired them for lighting. After a few days of drying time, they were moved to their final location and installed! These bridges are going to make it much easier and certainly more enjoyable to walk from the new camping area to the lower bathhouse. Instead of walking around a drainage ditch, our guests are now going to have a picturesque stroll across a replica of Monet’s bridge (in Paris) while crossing a beautiful pond. It is impossible to explain the amount of work that was involved in creating this masterpiece. Pat H. doesn’t normally like to be credited with much at Triple Tree but this has truly been his vision and execution. It is surely going to be one of the most spectacular spots on the property.
RV Hookups at New Pond!
Along with the additional general camping area, new RV camping spots complete with electrical hookups have been installed on the 3D flightline side of the new pond. These sites are available for reservation on a first come-first served basis at a cost of $500 for the week. There is a limited number and we expect they will be sold fast. Contact Mike Gregory at 864-313-6572 if you’re interested and feeling really lucky!

RV Hookups at New Pond!

Triple Tree is happy to offer (for the first time ever) twenty eight (28) reserved premium RV campsites. These sites have power and water hookups and will be reserved for the entire week for the purchaser so that there will be no need to get in line early and rush to your favorite spot. These premium sites are located behind the 3D bath house and are adjacent to the new pond and bridges. This area is truly beautiful. The sites are $500 for the week and will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. You can arrive any day you like but the sites are only available at the weekly rate. Note that a portion of your rental may be tax deductible.

Reserving one of these incredible sites couldn’t be easier. Simply fill out the form below and if you’re one of the first twenty eight people to pay, you will have one of these site reserved for you.

Click here to Reserve one of the Premium Campsites.

Glider Winch Arrived; Sailplane On Its Way!

A grant from the Tom Davis Foundation plus several other generous donations has made it possible for Triple Tree to obtain a high-performance, two place sailplane and a ground based winch system. This aircraft will be utilized to take newcomers to the world of flight on a familiarization flight around the beautiful Triple Tree site. The ground-based winch system is already on-site and the sailplane will be arriving soon from Germany! With a Chevy 350 engine and 7,000 ft. of towline, the new winch will certainly get the job done in Triple Tree style!

Reminders of Upcoming Events

Joe Nall Week (RC) – May 10-17
Registration is now open at
Fabric and Tailwheel Lunch (GA) – June 7
Volunteers Needed for Joe Nall Week (May 10-17, 2014)
Triple Tree needs volunteers to help with the ever expanding events!
Help is needed in the following areas:
Transportation – Bus driving
Food and Entertainment – especially on BBQ night
Parking and Ropes and Signs
If you’d like to help, email Rob Traynham at and we’ll see to it that the person responsible gets in touch with you.





2014 Joe Nall: Control Line Update

Hello everyone. The last time I updated everyone was to review the great success and fun we had at the 2013 event. A sign that we put up on the first day really captured it all. The sign simply read:


                “F U N    C E N T R A L”

We had a great turnout of the some of the top C/L stunt pilots in the world while we managed to provide over 600 student flights! While it will not be easy to provide even more enjoyment this coming May, believe me, we have been working hard since New Year’s to make the 2014 edition even better. Here is what you can expect:

While we had the finest control line circles in the US, Bob Shaw and Pat Hartness are making sure this year’s flight line will be even better. New Bermuda grass was added and we will be getting our own pavilions! We have arrived.

Our fleet of Stevens Aeromodels “RingRats” is being refurbished with a lot of new parts and hardware donated again by Bill Stevens. Thank you, Bill. We will also be debuting a fleet of stunt trainers for that growing group of pilots who have demonstrated their ability to solo with the smaller RingRats. These new planes are modified Skyrays. Thanks again to our partners, these planes are equipped with EFlite 10 motors, Castle Creations newest Talon ESC’s, Thunderpower RC lipo flight batteries, APC reverse-pitch props, and Wil Hubin timers. Bob Smith Industries again provided all the adhesives while Hangar 9 provided all the Ultracote.

We are also being supported again by our great friends at Sullivan Products and S&W Fuels. More corporate partners names will appear in my next update in a few weeks.

While the RingRats will continue to fly on 50 foot lines, these new and larger Skyrays will be on 60 footers. We will have both planes ready to fly depending upon your skill level.

Putting together 10 new airplanes dedicated to you, the attendees, takes a lot of work and a lot of support. It is all worth it thanks to your comments and compliments about the experiences at Fun Central.

We are designing new shirts and they will blow your wings off. You have never seen designs like these!

We are expecting the veterans to return and possibly fly again in one of the noon time shows.

More to come as the date gets nearer. Bring yourself, bring your families and friends and be prepared to smile and accomplish what not everyone can do. Last year we gave out over 100 special commemorative badges to kids under 15 who flew our planes or theirs. We want to get the kids again as well as the older “kids” regardless of age.

Join us for the original “Fly by Wire” modelling experience!

Questions? Call me or shoot an email: Mark Weiss (302) 547-4917 or