The "Latest News" page is dedicated to letting the world in on what is new and exciting going on at Triple Tree. Plus giving you an insight on the daily activities and people, whose works make Triple Tree a place you want to bring your family and friends. Not only to enjoy the aircraft flying and on display, but to see one of the most beautiful aerodromes in the world and learn about aviation of all kinds!  Mr. Pat and the gang at Triple Tree are always working to improve the property and facilities, in an effort to make your visit here one of the most memorable experiences in your life.


                               TRIPLE TREE FLYER – MARCH 2015


In this edition:

Joe Nall Week Shaping up to be HUGE!

Joe Nall Week/CAF – Another Triple Tree First!

Triple Tree’s New Beacon!

Boy/Cub Scouts at Triple Tree



We are receiving registrations for Joe Nall Week 2015 at an unprecedented rate! As of last week, we are showing a 50% increase over the same point last year. Mike Gregory has predicted a record number of registered pilots this year and indicated that we could top 1750 registered pilots! We are getting daily calls from all over the globe from RC enthusiasts that are traveling vast distances to get to the world famous Triple Tree Joe Nall event. Just this past week, we received calls from new friends from the Scotland and the Virgin Islands! This event is shaping up to be the absolute best Joe Nall yet!

There are going to be more big name vendors and lots of new things to see in the way of kits, engines, radios, etc..

The grounds are “coming alive” now that warm weather has arrived. We expect that famous Triple Tree grass to be greening up in the next few days and will keep the volunteers very busy mowing right up to the day you arrive. Thanks to Dick Schliesman and Matt Crain for getting all of our mowers overhauled and ready for a demanding season!

The new Welcome Center is nearing completion. It’s going to make the already easy check-in process move even faster. Best of all, if we should have a brief shower while you are checking in, there’s going to be a roof over your head!!!

This year, there’s going to be special activities for kids and those that have always wanted to enjoy the RC hobby but just never got around to it. Several vendors are teaming with Triple Tree to offer an inexpensive RC build and flight program. This one’s going to be very special and is going to offer a great opportunity to generate even more RC excitement. Remember, admission to Joe Nall this year is FREE for kids 18 years old or younger.

So, if you’ve been reading and hearing about Joe Nall Week forever, this year promises to be the very best yet and NOW is the time to make plans to come. You can register on-line at It’s easy.

This is going to be the biggest, most fun, most relaxing Joe Nall ever! As the Nike ad says, “Just do it”! We promise you will have the time of your life at Triple Tree, “The Home of Fun, Fellowship and Hospitality”.



Joe Nall Week – Another First!