The "Latest News" page is dedicated to letting the world in on what is new and exciting going on at Triple Tree. Plus giving you an insight on the daily activities and people, whose works make Triple Tree a place you want to bring your family and friends. Not only to enjoy the aircraft flying and on display, but to see one of the most beautiful aerodromes in the world and learn about aviation of all kinds!  Mr. Pat and the gang at Triple Tree are always working to improve the property and facilities, in an effort to make your visit here one of the most memorable experiences in your life.



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Triple Tree Fly-In 2015

Heli Extravaganza AND eWeek and the Flood of 2015!

Expanded Vendor Area Progress

New Building(s) Progress

Thanks To Our Guests!



Once again, the skies over Triple Tree were filled with…….clouds but that only lasted for a day or two and then things got into full swing! Wednesday was fairly slow with only a few aircraft arriving between breaks in the low ceiling and showers. On Thursday, the weather began to improve and by Thursday afternoon, with clearing skies, there was a fairly steady stream of arrivals.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were beautiful and there was a constant stream of airplanes with happy people onboard arriving at the world’s most beautiful airport. As usual, the Triple Tree advisory controllers did a great job smoothing the flow of airplanes to the 7,000 foot long manicured runway. Once on the ground, the ground crew safely directed everyone to parking. Then, the fun began with our guests enjoying lots of that Triple Tree “Fun. Fellowship and Hospitality.” It has to be noted that we had one gentleman fly a 7AC Champ from Massachusetts!
Ultimately, in spite of a couple of days of shaky weather, approximately 400 airplanes arrived. Included in this total was our great airplane friend “Tinker Belle” a C-46 that always draws a crowd.

Another star of the show was “Swamp Fox” a P-51 owned by Robert Dickson and flown into Triple Tree by his son. Once parked, Swamp Fox and its pilot were greeted by Pat and Mary Lou Hartness and Morris McKinney who flew P-51s during WWII.