NALL in the FALL

Have you ever wanted to be one of those few people that can say, "I've been to every Joe Nall"? Now is your chance to get started with that tradition for the Nall in the Fall!

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Wow, can summer already be this far along? The weather here at Triple Tree is HOT and humid BUT cooler weather will follow and we’re expecting late September to be the perfect time to gather to celebrate the evolution/birth of this great new event.  Also, we think it’s important to show that the rains of Joe Nall 2018 CANNOT spoil the incredible celebration that happens every time thousands of our friends gather and bring the world’s best RC aircraft.
Nall in the Fall is the natural outgrowth of what used to be called eWeek which was an event dedicated just to our electric powered RC friends. It has been a great gathering and one that was well received but frankly, we kind of missed having ALL of our buddies here. Any party is better if it is BIGGER. So, for this year, we decided months ago, well before Joe Nall 2018, that Nall in the Fall was going to be all inclusive (fuel as well as electric) and that the meals, entertainment and the flying was going to be on par with Joe Nall. Best of all, the weather may just be cooler and the humidity lower as late September is about the time our weather begins to turn fall-like. As always, there’s going to be beautiful camping and the new lower bathhouse will offer the ladies true world-class facilities. We expect many, many vendors to attend and, as usual, they will be offering great prices and selection. We think this is going to be a great event and our volunteers are going to go all out to give you the very best Triple Tree has to offer.
Preregistration is now open so go to registration-nall-in-the-fall.php and register now!
While Joe Nall 2018 was the first time a cancellation has happened in 37 years, the unprecedented May rain ultimately made our beautiful Triple Tree grounds even more beautiful so, at least in that respect, it was positive. WE recognize though that the cancellation was a real negative and a disappointment to our Joe Nall 2018 guests and we want to take steps to prevent a repeat. So, the logical question becomes, given our recent experience, how will future rain events be handled?
First, we will always do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of our guests but, in the future, we are going to take a different approach to a recurrence of the rare set of circumstances that occurred at Joe Nall 2018. In the future, we will advise our guests of the expected rain (if severe conditions are expected) and inform them of the anticipated impact considering forecast rain and and the drying conditions to follow. Triple Tree’s beauty is due, in a large part, to the natural, green, grassy landscape. It can and will get slippery when wet. An advisory from us could look like this:
“As of 2:00 pm, on September 25, Triple Tree is expecting one (1) inch of rain in the next 24 hours followed by good drying conditions. Moving heavy vehicles during the rain event and within 12 hours following the storm may present some difficulties especially, in the lower areas near the river.”

A more severe event (longer/longer and harder rain) which could result in the river coming out of it’s banks could require that we advise our guests to move to higher ground (near the main line). Guests would be advised if this is the case by Triple Tree volunteers.

That’s it! We’re going to make every effort to ensure that YOUR event goes on even if things get wet. You, our guests are in a much better position to determine when and if you should leave based on your schedule, vehicle, etc. than we are. So, we’re going to keep you advised and allow you to decide unless absolute safety requires otherwise. Triple Tree appreciates the time, effort and money it takes for our guests to come to our events. In the future, we will make all efforts, consistent with safety, to make certain you are able to enjoy all Triple Tree offers for the entire scheduled length of the event.
Fall in the Nall is going to be spectacular and we can’t wait to welcome you back to Triple Tree!