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As you probably know, the mission of Triple Tree is “To Ignite and Expand the Passion for Aviation”. This simple statement goes to the very core of Triple Tree. Mr. Pat and a highly motivated volunteer group have literally built, from the ground up, the premier aviation facility. In short, there is nothing like it anywhere in the world. YOU, our guests, through your support of our events, have helped us get to the point that Triple Tree is now fully able to support its day-to-day operations. Capital projects (new building and furniture, etc.) still require generous donations. Mr. Pat’s dream when he donated this fabulous facility to all of US (through the 501(c)3 educational nonprofit) was that it would be a place that anyone that had an aviation dream could come and enjoy “Fun, Fellowship and Hospitality”,  become inspired and surely LEARN about the historic and heroic triumphs worldwide that were enabled by aviation.
To that end, Triple Tree is seriously moving into the next phase; aviation education. Through a generous donor, we have acquired the funds to construct a new Education Building. As usual, Triple Tree is maximizing the use of those funds. Mr. Pat and volunteers have moved thousands of tons of dirt for the foundation. Other Triple Tree dreamers have literally erected the building. Today, we have structure dedicated to educating the next generation of RC and full-scale aviators.


So, through the generosity of a donor and a whole bunch of work we’re nearing the end of this project………..NOT!


This facility will have an auditorium and also a flight simulator room. We need pretty much everything that goes along with such a facility. Our most pressing need is for simulator equipment. We plan to have multiple RC and full-scale simulators. Each station will require a PC and a large screen display. In order to manage these moving forward, we need common equipment therefore, we are asking (pleading actually) for individual donors to help us get new equipment. We estimate that a $1000 donation will completely outfit a single simulator. Each donated station will have a plaque with the donors name. These simulators, combined with our historic aircraft collection and world-class mentor RC and full-scale pilots are surely going to offer an incredible experience to the thousands of school kids, CAP cadets, scouts, etc. that come through Triple tree each year and YOU can now be a part of the incredible Triple Tree legacy.
There are certainly going to be many, many smaller needs. We will need seating, tables, whiteboards, av equipment, etc. so ANY donation will be thoroughly appreciated. Every donation designated for this effort will be used exclusively for this purpose.
Please, if you believe in Triple Tree’s mission and think it’s important, sit down right now and join us in this effort. As always, we appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you soon at Triple Tree……”The Home of Fun, Fellowship and Hospitality”.                            

                                        YET ANOTHER WAY YOU CAN TO HELP!

We know many of you are saving up for that trip to Triple Tree with your kids and maybe you just can’t spring for a cash donation at this time but you still want to help furnish this Educational facility. What can you do? Take a look at the Hardware Donation needs page (click here). If you’re nearby and have some of our listed needed hardware, you could help us tremendously by donating it! Thank you!                                                      
Cash donations can be made via our “Support the Vision” button.
Hardware donations must be coordinated through Rob Traynham at:


For a list of Hardware Donations click here