Joe Nall Welcome

On behalf of Mr. Pat and the Board, we are excited to have all our friends back to enjoy the magic that can only be found at Triple Tree!  

2018 was a year for the books, and we now have plans in place to ensure that no matter what mother nature throws at us that the event will go on!  

Some highlights that you can look forward to:

·       The completion of our 85% cub project

·       More opportunities to see demos from some of the best RC pilots in the world!

o   Noon Demos at the Main Line

o   3 pm Demos at the Electric Line

·       New Campsites overlooking the Lake

·       New runway at the Electric Line

·       World-renowned Triple Tree Dinners!

With your generous support of our Joe Nall Fundraiser, we can keep improving the grounds and supporting youth aviation programs through our Aviation Centered Education (ACE) portfolio.  The ACE educational portfolio is like no other in the world, and it is happening at Triple Tree. 

With your support, we can continue to grow this program and keep Triple Tree financially sustainable and introduce the hobby of radio-controlled flying for generations to come.

 Pilots and spectators who pre-register online by 12:00 EST on May 8, 2019 will be granted “early admission” into Joe Nall 2019 at 3pm!  This is an opportunity to get your campsite 2 hours earlier than those that do not pre-register.  Don’t delay, please pre-register today

 Once again thank you, and welcome to YOUR 2019 Joe Nall.  We will do everything possible to ensure this Nall is “THE BEST EVER!”  

 Welcome home!