Joe Nall

JOE NALL WEEK     May 7-14, 2016

Gates open Friday May 6th 5:00 pm


 Click here to get waiver to print and sign and bring with you to turn in at Welcome center.

Joe Nall Week, which officially opens Friday, May 6th at 5:00 pm,  is quickly approaching. For those that cannot wait and get in line early, here are a few pointers. When you arrive, you will line up in the order you arrive.  If there is a cone or sign at the back of the line, you will start a new line. We will have volunteers available during the day to help get you lined up.  This pattern will continue until the gates open at 5:00 pm Friday.  The Welcome Center will open early Afternoon on May 8th for you to complete your registration.  Be in your vehicle and ready to go promptly before 5:00 pm because when the horn sounds, it will only take about 35 minutes to get everybody over the hill. The person parked behind you doesn't want to wait for you to get back to your vehicle!  You will be released in the order you arrived.  Camping spots are first come first served. Please be patient and allow people in front of you to get backed into their space.  There will be volunteers at some areas helping with parking.  We do ask that all RVs are parked reasonably close together so we can accommodate as many as possible. On the electric line, this year all camping will be on the right hand side of the road (driving down hill towards the 3D area) and all campers will be parked perpendicular to the road.  Flight line tents  cannot be set up early so please keep them in your vehicles and transport them once you are allow over the hill. We all look forward to the Fun, Fellowship and Hospitality of Joe Nall. 

 An unlimited number of large RV, non reserve, no hookup sites are available at TTA.

 Go ahead, admit it, you’re already thinking about May……..sunny cool weather……..hundreds and hundreds of unbelievable models…..great flying, great food, great friends and TRIPLE TREE! If you’re a veteran of Joe Nall Week , you know exactly what this all means. If you’ve never been then it’s TIME to begin the process of marking it off of your bucket list! Let’s face it, there are just some experiences in life that you just MUST do!  Joe Nall Week at Triple Tree is one of those experiences. The veterans will tell you that this event gets bigger and Triple Tree gets better year after year. For 2015, we’re forecasting a record number of pilots and that’s saying something when we hosted 1500 in 2014! There’s a new Welcome Center so that we can get you on your way to unlimited “Fun, Fellowship and Hospitality” quickly. The grass is looking great in the new lower camping area. The Electric Line camping has been expanded.  In short, as hard as it is to believe, Triple Tree is going to be better than ever!

Next, how about sharing all of this with the kids in your life? For 2015, Triple Tree is dedicating Joe Nall Week to kids. There’s going to be kid centric activities and the very best ticket pricing you’ll find anywhere. How much? How about FREE if you’re 18 years old or under??? All of us at Triple Tree want kids of all ages to love RC modeling and Triple Tree so load ‘em up and bring them with you. Just a reminder, there’s great hiking and fishing in addition to all of the model activities. Lady’s Day activities will be available again and the tour of downtown Greenville is always a favorite. The meals are going to be incredible!
So, none of us are getting any younger. If you’re a Triple Tree veteran, you know what a special place Triple Tree is and you’ve experienced the thrill of Joe Nall Week. If you haven’t attended Joe Nall Week, you know that you’ve spent hours reading about it in magazines and on-line forums. You’ve dreamed about it and you’ve even said, “One day, I’ve got to go to Triple Tree.” Well, make 2015 THE year. Gather up your family and come on. We promise you, you’ll have the time of your life.  


Bob Shaw Control Line Precision Aerobatics Contest click here


Joe Nall 2015 Review

Thanks to all that Attended the 2015 Joe Nall Week to make it the best fly-in every.

Here are some stats from the event.

1,702 total registered pilots

         Breakdown of how pilots indicated which flight line would be their base of operation.

37% Main (classic)

20% 3D 

25% Electric

 5% Float

 3% Helicopter

2% Control Line

8% Did not indicate


46 States represented with registered pilots.

14 Foreign countries represented with registered pilots.

80 vendors


Many people have commented  on seeing pilot numbers on name tags as high as 1800. This is the log number in our database for the event that includes vendors and vendor helpers and other documented information. The total pilot count is just registered pilots.