Joe Nall

To all friends, registrants, volunteers, and vendors of the 2018 Joe Nall Fly-In:

It is difficult to express the tremendous disappointment that I felt in having to announce that everyone would have to depart from Triple Tree last Tuesday.
For most of the 36 years of the Joe Nall Fly-In, the weather has been remarkably friendly.  For Triple Tree to have a set-in rain of many days’ duration is a phenomenon not normal at this time of year.  Our directing committee, after consulting numerous weather forecasts,
reached a very painful decision.
Triple Tree is more than airplanes and engines. - it is a happy reunion of like-minded friends. Each and every one of us who treasures the time at the Joe Nall has had a huge disappointment.  We fully understand and appreciate the efforts and investment from all our participants, near and far, and especially our international visitors.
The staff and volunteers put forth  tremendous effort to make the meet a unique experience for all to enjoy.  In September our gates will be open and Triple Tree will be ready to welcome you to the Nall in the Fall, Sept. 24th-30th.
Please let’s all get back together at that time, and enjoy our home of Fun, Friendship, and Hospitality.
And again, we extend our deepest appreciation to all who love Triple Tree.

From, Pat Hartness
May 21, 2018



Yes, we are ALL disappointed, heartbroken, and upset that Joe Nall 2018 was called off early due to the forecast of rain spread out over the entire remaining days of this much anticipated event. We fully understand the effort, expense, packing, etc. that you guys undertake to make your annual trip to Triple Tree for Joe Nall. We’ve been working hard too getting the grounds beautiful, the new bath house finished, and meals planned. All of us together, the TTA staff and you our guests, work hard to make this incredible world-class event possible. Even after three decades of doing this, Mr. Pat and the volunteers truly get excited as the time draws near for the gates to open. The absolute LAST thing we want to do is to cancel the event. In this case, after consultation with experts and knowing what we know about the Triple Tree landscape structure, the decision was clear. Triple Tree would give up our largest fund-raiser of the year to assure the safety of our guests and prevent any possible damage to their valuable campers, equipment, etc. Perhaps only those of us that are on the grounds daily can fully understand that steady rain, over a period of days, will absolutely make our beautiful campsites impassable. We’ve experienced this ourselves on occasion when we’ve had difficulty moving our own equipment after significant rainfall. We want to be clear, it’s not the usual, single event thunderstorm we’re talking about here. It’s the day after day rain that can cause real trouble for our guests. So, rather than place you guys in a situation that could, at best, delay your departure for days or at worst, damage your campers or place you at physical risk, we made a tough call. Joe Nall 2018 was cancelled.

The loss of revenue (our biggest event of the year) will no doubt impact us for some time but, with your help, we are pressing ahead with plans for an even bigger and better event, the Nall in the Fall! To help, many of you have elected to donate your fees from Joe Nall 2018. We are humbled and thankful. We assure you that, as always, every single cent will be returned to making Triple Tree better for you! Please keep in mind that ultimately your support of Triple Tree supports educational programs (school field trips, scouts and ACE)  where thousands of kids hae been exposed to, and excited by, aviation.

In closing, Mr. Pat and the volunteers at Triple Tree just want to say, one more time; THANK YOU for your continued support. It’s been a difficult time, but we can already see that the Nall in the Fall is going to be the biggest and best event ever. Please make plans to join us!




After more than three decades of spectacular weather during the world-famous Joe Nall RC event, the forecast for the remainder of the week has forced the board to make the decision to cancel the event and have everyone off the beautiful Triple Tree grounds not later than noon, Tuesday, May 15. This is a very difficult decision and one that was taken only after carefully considering our guests safety. As many of you are aware, Triple Tree is over four hundred acres of beautifully manicured grass that can easily handle single, short-lived rain storms however, rain totals of 4-6 inches is forecast beginning Tuesday afternoon. The rain is not expected to end until sometime after the following Monday. With this amount of water, the camping areas and roads will quickly become impassible. Sudden, heavy rain events could also cause localized flooding in the river area.

As a group, Mr. Pat and the dedicated Triple Tree volunteers work their hearts out to give you, our guests, the very best aviation experience. This cancellation could significantly impact our financial health unless our friends decide to donate their fees from this year’s Nall. If you can help us by doing so, please do. Triple Tree is a 501c(3) non-profit so your donation could be tax deductible. Many have already done so, and we greatly appreciate it. As you know, we invest every cent back into Triple Tree. We are always trying to make your experience better and more enjoyable. The new ladies’ bathhouse and pilot’s lounge is just the latest example.

Thanks again for your understanding. It’s a tough decision but the safety of our guests will always come first!







May 12-19, 2018

Gates open Friday May 11th 5:00 pm


Joe Nall 2018 Registration will be open at the Welcome Center when you arrive 24/7, online is closed

No FPV airplanes this year

Joe Nall 2018 - May 12-19, 2018
Hello, from Mr. Pat and all of the Triple Tree volunteers! Yes, it's time to CRANK IT UP for Joe Nall 2018. Go get your favorite RC models, clean them up, tune them up and make sure you and they are ready for the best flying to be had anywhere! For 2018, we've got some great new additions to the already unbelievable Triple Tree facility. We have more camping sites, an even prettier lower lake, a brand new large women's bathhouse (down by the 3D line) that features a 140-foot-long covered porch that faces the runway AND, here it comes, AN AIRCONDITIONED PILOT'S LOUNGE! Where else could you go and meet up with your best friends, fly your favorite RC, see the world’s best pilots flying the world’s best airplanes AND have your wife truly enjoy it too? There is just no comparison when it comes to fabulous grounds and facilities at Triple Tree! Everyone in your family will find something that will make this a trip of a lifetime for them.
The vendor area has been recently improved and we expect it to be filled with the world’s best vendors. Bring your wish list because just about anything you could possibly want will be here and many offer special Joe Nall prices.
As always, the noon shows will feature the absolute best pilots in the world demonstrating some of the most incredible RC aircraft.
It’s all here… Scale Planes, Giant Scale, Jets, Float Flying, Helicopters, FPV Racing, Park Flyers and Control Line Flying.
Exceptional is the norm at Joe Nall and every year it gets better. This year will be no different. The food is going to be incredible. Imagine experiencing world-famous Joe Nall barbeque while listening to the big band play “America the Beautiful” as the sun goes down on the Triple Tree lake. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss.
We've done our work over the winter to make Joe Nall 2018 the best ever. Now, it's time for you to do your part. Please don't delay, take the time now to pre-register for this great event.
This year you can register by snail mail or our new online registration.
Check it out on
We can't wait to welcome all of our friends back to Joe Nall!
See you soon!


Joe Nall 2017 Review

Thanks to all that Attended the 2017 Joe Nall Week to make it the best fly-in every.

Here are some stats from the event.

1715 Total pilots

243 in line when the gates opened  Friday

1,101 camper

Over 1,000 pilots there by Sunday night

13,391 total people through the facility for the week

Many people have commented  on seeing pilot numbers on name tags as high as 1800. This is the log number in our database for the event that includes vendors and vendor helpers and other documented information. The total pilot count is just registered pilots.