Joe Nall

To all friends, registrants, volunteers, and vendors of the 2018 Joe Nall Fly-In:

It is difficult to express the tremendous disappointment that I felt in having to announce that everyone would have to depart from Triple Tree last Tuesday.
For most of the 36 years of the Joe Nall Fly-In, the weather has been remarkably friendly.  For Triple Tree to have a set-in rain of many days’ duration is a phenomenon not normal at this time of year.  Our directing committee, after consulting numerous weather forecasts,
reached a very painful decision.
Triple Tree is more than airplanes and engines. - it is a happy reunion of like-minded friends. Each and every one of us who treasures the time at the Joe Nall has had a huge disappointment.  We fully understand and appreciate the efforts and investment from all our participants, near and far, and especially our international visitors.
The staff and volunteers put forth  tremendous effort to make the meet a unique experience for all to enjoy.  In September our gates will be open and Triple Tree will be ready to welcome you to the Nall in the Fall, Sept. 24th-30th.
Please let’s all get back together at that time, and enjoy our home of Fun, Friendship, and Hospitality.
And again, we extend our deepest appreciation to all who love Triple Tree.

From, Pat Hartness
May 21, 2018


May 11-18, 2019

Gates open Friday May 11th 5:00 pm


Joe Nall 2019 Registration will be open soon