Joe Nall 2014 Review

Thanks to all that Attended the 2014 Joe Nall Week to make it the best fly-in every.

Her are some stats from the event.

1,484 total registered pilots

         Breakdown of how pilots indicated which flight line would be their base of operation.

 578 Main (classic)

 314 3D 

 355 Electric

  81 Float

  63 Helicopter

  21 Control Line


45 States represented with registered pilots.

10 Foreign countries represented with registered pilots.

94 vendors


Many people have commented  on seeing pilot numbers on name tags as high as 1600. This is the log number in our database for the event that includes vendors and vendor helpers and other documented information. The total pilot count is just registered pilots.



Yes, itís cold outside and the holidays are just behind us BUT May will be here before you know it so itís time to start making plans to attend Joe Nall 2014! The Triple Tree staff and volunteers have been very busy during the fall and winter making sure that this yearís Nall will be better than ever. As hard as it is to believe, Triple Tree is going to be more beautiful and the event more exciting than ever before. So, letís give you a peek at whatís in store for you when you arrive.

First, for all of you campers, Mr. Pat has been busy on his heavy equipment! There are acres of new shaded campsites available along the Enoree River. These sites are incredibly beautiful and are sure to be the new favorites. The brush has been cleared and the area smoothed and grass planted. The entire area looks and feels like a beautiful park! Bets are that youíre going to have to be an early arriver to get one of these choice spots.

Next, thereís a new pond at Triple Tree! The lake areas are always favorite locations and now thereís yet another one. The area behind the lower bathhouse has been transformed from a inconveniently located drainage ditch into a magnificent pond that even has an island in the center! Joey and Matt have a couple of other surprises for you but weíll wait just a bit to reveal those. Suffice it to say that you need to bring your cameras Ďcause youíll have to go to Paris to get another chance for this photo op!

The volunteer crew has been meeting regularly to get even more organized so that your Joe Nall experience will be smooth and enjoyable. As good as its been in the past, we believe that the home of Fun, Fellowship and Hospitality can be even better! Every effort will be made to ensure that youíll have the time of your life.

Thereís a lot of excitement building from the vendors also. Expect more vendors and bigger displays. They, like you, realize that the Joe Nall is THE RC event of the year and they are excited to be able to bring their latest offerings for you to review and purchase.

Weíre expecting huge international participation this year. All indications are that there will be some really exciting noon shows.

The flight lines are going to be in spectacular shape. The grass along the main and 3D flight line has really matured and a Spring application of tons of fertilizer will ensure an unparalleled flying experience. The control line circles have been planted with the fine Bermuda and are looking great also!

We canít leave out the food! Suffice it to say that there will be great food available every day but DONíT miss the world famous Triple Tree BBQ. Sign up early as it usually sells out.

So, weíre getting ready! You should too! Please, donít miss this great event. All of us here at Triple Tree are excited and looking forward to seeing thousands of our old friends and making many new friends too at Joe Nall 2014!