Joe Nall Registration

Pilot Registration


Pre-registration has closed.


You will be able to Register as a Pilot and for Camping at the event.

BBQ and all other meal tickets are being sold at the Welcome Center.

You can register at the Welcome Center when you arrive

Contact Scott Capps for all Registration Questions 864-884-4761

We now have three forms of pilot registrations. Please choose from one of the following three options to Register as a Pilot. Once you have filled out your information and added your pilot registration to your cart you can choose Camping and BBQ Tickets also, without having to fill out your personal information for each item.

Pilot's Spouse Free

Pre-registration has closed.


You will be able to Register as a Pilot and for Camping at the event.

1st -Standard Pilot Registration, where you choose only the date you will be arriving.Pilots will use this page for Camping and BBQ tickets also.

2nd - Junior Pilot Registration, where your arrival date doesn't matter, due to the single price format. (16 and under) Junior Pilots will use this page for Camping and BBQ tickets also.

3rd - "1st Weekend Only" Pilot Registration and Camping, If you can only come to the first weekend. You will pay a single rate for the entire weekend. We have added a first weekend only camping option also.

We also have Camping Only and 1st Weekend Camping Only.


Registration form Click Here


2016 Joe Nall Waiver, Click here to print

Read and Sign the waiver, then bring it with you to the Welcome Center. Everyone entering the gate, for the first time, for Joe Nall 2016, must fill out and turn in a Waiver. DO NO MAIL WAVIER IN.

***********Important Notice***********

If you are registering as pilot you can purchase Camping and BBQ tickets on the "Pilot Registration Page" at the time you register as a pilot, to prevent having to enter your personal information for each item.


Spectator Pricing 

This event is for AMA, or any flying organization members, pilots, and their guest only, to include full scale pilots and their guest. It is not open to the public. All others will not be allowed past the gate.

You must be or be a guest of a current member of AMA, or any flying organization member or full scale Pilot. If you are a guest, your host must be present with you.  Spectator Tickets can be purchased at the welcome center when you arrive.

Adult (Male or Female) $12.00 daily

Youth 16 and under Free.   Triple Tree would like for you to support the youth and introduce them to Aviation.


Camping Only

You do not have to register as a pilot to pre-pay for camping.

If you are NOT registering as a pilot or forgot to purchase Camping when you registered as a pilot you can do so below. After clicking the Camping link, you will need to choose your arrival date and fill in information below. If you plan on camping Saturday night May 14th, once you have selected your arrival date and added it to your cart, go back to the drop down list and choose Saturday night. Saturday night is NOT included in the May 6th - May 12th arrival dates. The Camping fees DO NOT include spectator fees. Everyone camping must be registered as a pilot or pay daily spectator fees. (See Spectators Pricing above)

Click here for Camping Registration.


Triple Tree's World Famous BBQ

If you are registering as a pilot or registering for camping you can purchase BBQ on those pages. For all others BBQ Tickets will be available at the Welcome Center.

$26.00ea. Adult BBQ

$10.00ea. Child BBQ

$ 5.00ea Child Hotdog

Help Support Triple Tree

As a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, you can make a donation to Triple Tree and it is fully tax deductible. Your donation will help sustain the dream that Pat had to provide a place where aviators could gather to share their passion for aviation and fellowship with one another.
Its a noble goal and we thank you, in advance, for your contribution.


Refund Policy

No refunds due to weather, unless Triple Tree Aerodrome closes the event. Not all areas will be open during wet weather, but this does not constitute a refund. Once your purchase is made it is your responsibility to come to the event. "No shows" will not receive a refund if not requested at least 14 days prior to the start of the event.