First Timers

First Time to the Joe Nall and wondering what to do, what to expect, what to bring? On this page we will try to help you with all these questions and more! We also would like people to send in their questions or suggestions.

Triple Tree is located at
330 Mary Hanna Rd, Woodruff, SC 29388

First, from the staff, volunteers and supporters of Triple Tree, we thank you for making plans to visit us this year. You will find that the Triple Tree Aviators are all great, friendly people that share your passion for aviation. It seems like everyone goes out of their way to be friendly and helpful. You will see that this is not just a another RC field or airport. It's more like a huge family reunion where everyone shares a common bond and interest. Rest assured you won't be bored, lonely or left out. After all, you are coming to the home of "Fun, Fellowship and Hospitality"!

First Time Through The Gate

First thing you need to do before you get to Triple Tree is to Print and Sign the Waiver Form. If you forget, we will have them available at the gate. Everyone must sign a waiver to come in.

This event is not open to the public! This is private property!

You must be or be a guest of a current AMA member, any flying organization member or full scale Pilot. If you are a guest, your host must be present with you.

Pilot Registration
On the Registration page pick the day you will be arriving at Triple Tree. The price associated with this day is your pilot fee for entire time at Triple Tree.


 We must receive your Pilot Registration Form before April 15th 2010. (Click here for Registration Form, coming soon)  

As you come through the gate you will need to turn right into the Spectator Parking area. Park and walk to the Ticket Booth / Welcome Center at the top of the hill. Shuttle busses will take you to all the major areas.

Pilots are allowed to drive on over the hill to the areas they will be flying at.

We have plenty of room for all size campers and tents.

No Hook-ups
Bathrooms with showers provided.

We ask that you try to make your planes as quite as possible. We recommend Canisters and Three Bladed Props be used. Remember you don't have to fly wide open all the time. Try not to rip those props during the entire flight.

Flying General Information

See Pilot Information page for more information.

This is a AMA Sponsored event.
  But we ask for all airplanes flown on the Main and 3D  (1/4 scale, 80" Mono, or 60" Bi-plane. See AMA for more details)

All Airplanes must have their failsafe set to: Engine to Idle, Control surfaces to your choice on signal loss. (It will be checked)

Start Your Airplane with the nose just past the front of you flight station.

Must have Spotter

2.4ghz Radio Systems Only.

Only turn Radio System on at Flight Stations.

Classic Flight Line  
Normal race track patterns with basic aerobatics over the trees. NO 3D flying.

3D Flight Line
We will have a Safety Line Painted in front of the flight stations. Keep all 3D Maneuvers past this line.

Float Flying
Like all fight lines, fly only from the flight stations. Do not fly over the campers. Fly over the lake ONLY.

  Heli Flight Line
Fly from flight stations only.
Fly inside your Flight Box.

Electric Field

Electric Park flyer and slow flyer style planes. Flying style open to pilots.

Less than 80"

The C Word
 If you do crash or see a crash. Mark where you are standing and make a mental note of where you think the plane went in. If we can get a couple of people that saw it go in we can use our GPS to triangulate right where the plane is.

Food and Supplies

 A country store / market is located two miles up the road from Triple Tree and about 6 miles up the road is the town of Woodruff. You will find several Restaurants, Grocery, Hardware, Drug, and Department Stores there. For Big Time shopping and dining you will need to go in to Greenville about 14 miles up the  road.

We have Food Vendors onsite and will be serving Breakfast and Lunch.

Ice is available onsite!

Triple Tree's World Famous BBQ
Make sure to purchase your BBQ tickets early. They will sell out.
The BBQ is 7:30 Friday night.

$25.00 gets you all the BBQ Pork, BBQ Chicken, Boiled Shrimp, Baked Beans, Coleslaw, Cookies, and Drinks you can handle. We also offer Kids plate for $8.00 and a Hotdog plate for $5.00.

See the Events Schedule page for Daily Supper Events.

Other Things Beside Flying

We have over Six Miles of Trails on the property. The trails are clear and easy to walk through.

Two lakes and the Enoree River are on the property and provide some of the best fishing you will ever do in your life. Catfish, Bream, and Bass or abundant here at Triple Tree. Only keep what you can eat.

RC Boats are also ran on the lakes of Triple Tree and we have plenty of room to run your RC Cars also.  

See the Triple Tree page for more information.

Visit the Hangar and enjoy the planes and pictures on display.

Visit Vendor Row. Just about everything you need will be there.

See Event Page for Nightly Activities.

Wristbands at The Nall!

This year for your safety and security we are going to require everyone at the Nall to wear a wristband. A different color wristband will be given for each day. If you are wearing the wrong colored wristband or not wearing a wristband you will be asked to show your AMA Card and required to purchase another wristband or leave. We know over the years people have been coming in after the gate closes and feel that this may give someone that doesn't respect your Equipment and/or Triple Tree a opportunity to cause us all a lot of grief.
So bare with us and understand if someone stops you if you don't have a wristband on. We are doing this for you!

Things to Bring
Jacket for cool nights
Rain Gear
Bug Spray
Suntan Lotion
Easy-up Canopy
Comfortable Shoes (A lot of Walking)

If it does Rain
Most of the time it will be just a shower, but if the ground gets soaked. Please try to stay on the hard surfaces with your vehicles. Try to prevent damage to the property. The place dries out quickly, so unless totally necessary don't drive around.