Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On behalf of the staff and volunteers, we would like to welcome you to Triple Tree! We want you to know that we take our motto “The Home of Fun, Fellowship and Hospitality” very seriously and we promise to do our utmost to make your visit to Triple Tree one of the most enjoyable experiences ever for you and your family. This guide will help you navigate the first hours of the first day. It’s a BIG place with many moving parts but you’ll catch on very quickly.

What is the physical address of Triple Tree?

330 Mary Hanna Road, Woodruff, SC 29388

 Joe Nall Week 2018 – Necessary Changes
We continually listen to our guest’s suggestions and we’re always trying to create a better experience for everyone. For Joe Nall Week 2018, we have some new guidelines which we think will make your experience safer, better and ultimately place less wear and tear on your Triple Tree facility.

Can I bring my own Golf cart?

You welcome to bring any transportation you like. Please be respectful of the 10 mph speed limit  and not tearing up turf. A Update this year is the ban of low ridding Gocarts.  We are sorry for any inconvenience, but safety is our first concern.

Joe Nall Early Arrival Note - UPDATE

Revised Early Arrival Procedure:
           Joe Nall 2018 is right around the corner and we know that many of you will arrive here early after traveling from all over the country. We’ve heard your concerns about early arrival, so in the spirit of “Fun, Fellowship and Hospitality,” we have changed the early arrival policy so that everyone can have a safe, fun place to stay whenever you arrive here- we don’t want our friends camping out in the Walmart parking lot! 
Here’s how it will work:
Starting on Sunday, May 6th at noon, guests will be welcomed into Triple Tree and allowed to park in a special early arrival location. Guests will not be allowed “over the hill,” until the official release on Friday at 5pm. At that time, vehicles will be allowed over the hill in the order of their original arrival.

Campers that have premium campsites  will be allowed to park at their campsite starting 9:00 a.m. Friday

Pilot that have rented the flight line tents will be allowed to park at their Tent starting 9:00 a.m. Friday.

No flying before Friday 5:00 p.m.

In case of forecast of bad weather we have the right to change entry time onsite to  avoid a muddy mess.

In return for your early admittance to the grounds, Triple Tree will be asking for a reasonable donation. We know our guests are generous – after all, how much would it cost to stay at a commercial park instead?


The FPV flight line will be behind 3D next to the river. All FPV flying will be done at this flight line.  No camera drones allowed at any other flight lines.

Early arrival parking

As in years past, we will start lines beginning at a location near the Welcome Center on a first come-first served basis. When that row is filled, an orange cone will be placed at the end of a line and another line will be started. On Friday, at 5:00pm, waiting guests will be released in the order they arrived (i.e. first line formed will be first line released, then the next line and so on until all are released). Please note that any PILOTS, TEAM PILOTS and VENDOR PILOTS  are considered guests and like all others, they must wait in line until Friday at 5:00pm to move their campers past the Welcome Center. They can drive their ATV, use their golf cart or walk “over the hill” to help their vendor setup but they will not be allowed to move any camper, tent, RV, etc. past the Welcome Center until it’s their turn in line.

VENDORS– Vendors with paid up spots will be allowed past the Welcome Center early but only to set up their sites. Vendor RVs, campers, etc. will be allowed early setup ONLY in the designated new vendor parking/camping area by the upper bathhouse. If a vendor prefers a camping site other than the one in the designated vendor camping area, they must wait in line until the Friday, 5:00pm release.
STAKING OUT SPOTS – In the past, waiting guests have walked “over the hill” and “staked out” spots to “reserve” them so that they are held and available when they are released. This practice has included Main Line tents as well as camping spots. For 2016, we will have “fairness” volunteers that will monitor the property. Anyone “staking out” an area or erecting any Flight Line tent in advance of the 5:00 pm Friday release will be asked to remove it. If the owner can’t be found after a reasonable search, the “stake out” marker or tent will be removed by Triple Tree staff.
As you can see, we are trying to make this completely fair. Many, many guests drive tremendous distances and arrive very early hoping to find the perfect spot. To be released, only to find many of the most beautiful sites already taken by others is not what we want our guests to experience. Triple Tree and Joe Nall Week has always been blessed with thousands of guests that truly practice that great Triple Tree “Fun, Fellowship and Hospitality”. We are confident that with your support, these new guidelines will make everyone’s experience even more enjoyable.

Joe Nall Week officially ends on Saturday.

We will allow camping on Saturday night but all guests will be expected to leave no later than noon on Sunday. The gates will be closing Sunday at 12:00 noon and we expect all campers and vehicle to be gone by this time. Our volunteers need the time to get the property cleaned up and ready for the next event. Remember, many, if not most of our volunteers, are taking vacation to work this event. Many have to go back to work on Monday so we desperately need the time to get the facility cleaned up.

Triple Tree likes dogs

We have always welcomed them. Unfortunately, we have had several recent incidents of dogs biting people or other dogs. For all future events, we will continue to welcome our furry friends but we must require that they be on a leash.

Beginning with Joe Nall 2017, model boats will have their own, designated area.  The western portion of the lake will be the designated boat operating area and the large body of water nearest the mainline will be reserved for seaplane models only.

Flight lines and campers

As a general rule (except where allowed on the electric line) no campers or toy haulers (campers which have living quarters in one section and a trailer in the other) will be allowed on the flight lines. Also, the number of camping tents along the flight line has increased to the point we need to make some changes. There will be signs posted in the flight line tent area, “Tent Camping on this side only” and “No Tent Camping on this side” these signs will be spaced away from the center of the flight lines.

Generator Guidelines

For the thousands of campers at Triple Tree we have an unlimited number of dry camping sights.  Generators are a popular choice for making your stay comfortable.  To maintain this comfort we are going to ask that all generators that are louder than 60db@50ft be shut off at 10:00pm. If you have any question about the loudness of your generator come to the welcome center before 6:00pm and we will have an instrument you can use to determine if it qualifies.  We have looked at many camp ground generator policies and feel that this is more lenient than any we have seen.  If you have a medical condition that requires you have power thru the night please carefully consider your generator.

At Triple Tree, we really don’t like to make a bunch of rules. We hope that you agree that the majority of these guidelines are being put into place to make your stay safer and more enjoyable. We truly look forward to seeing you again soon!


FAA Information 

Triple Tree Aerodrome will follow AMA guidelines.  We are an AMA field and Joe Nall is an  AMA sanctioned event.

This information was copied from the AMA website:  For the complete text please follow this link

Q: I am already registered through the AMA, why do I have to register twice?
A: We understand the concern of our members and, while the FAA is open to streamlining the registration for our members, unfortunately the technical issues involved will not be resolved before February 19. Therefore, it will be necessary for current AMA members to register separately with the FAA. For future AMA members, we are working on an agreement with the FAA where for new members federal registration will automatically be fulfilled when they join the AMA, thereby creating one simple registration.

Q: Am I permitted to fly above 400 feet? What if I had to check a box saying otherwise on the federal registration website?
A: Yes. AMA members who abide by the AMA Safety Code, which permits flights above 400 feet under appropriate circumstances, and are protected by the Special Rule for Model Aircraft under the 2012 FAA Modernization and Reform Act. Checking the box on the federal registration webpage signifies an understanding of the 400 foot guideline. This is an important safety principle that all UAS operators need to be aware of, and is the same guideline established in AC 91-57 published in 1981. However, the placement of this guideline on the FAA website is intended as an educational piece and more specifically intended for those operating outside of AMA’s safey program.  We have been in discussions with the FAA about this point and the agency has indicted that it will be updating its website in the next week to make clear that this altitude guideline is not intended to supplant the guidance and safety procedures established in AMA’s safety program.

Q: Can I fly my large model aircraft? Turbine jets?
A: Yes. The Special Rule for Model Aircraft, which is part of the 2012 FAA Modernization and Reform Act, allows AMA members to operate model aircraft over 55 lbs as long as they are operating in accordance with AMA’s Large Model Aircraft safety program. AMA members can also fly turbine jets provided the operator holds a current AMA Turbine Waiver.
Q: Am I permitted to fly first person view (FPV)? Can I fly at night?
A: Yes. AMA members are still protected by the Special Rule for Model Aircraft, which is part of the 2012 FAA Modernization and Reform Act. As long as AMA members continue to follow AMA’s safety guidelines for these activities, they can continue to fly. The guidelines listed on the FAA UAS website do not negate the modeling activities and related safety procedures established in AMA’s community-based safety program.
Q: Should clubs require all members to be registered?
A:  No, we are not asking our clubs to police UAS Registration. 


I have a large RV. Will I have any trouble making turns, etc. as I enter Triple Tree?

There are two routes for entry into Triple Tree off of Hwy 221. The most direct route simply exits off of Hwy 221 onto Mary Hanna Rd.. This exit has a steep incline with railroad tracks at the top. If you are arriving with a large RV or any other vehicle with a potential clearance problem, you should use the alternate RV entrance which is approximately one mile west (towards the town of Woodruff). There will be Triple Tree signs at both exits and along the arrival route which will direct you to Triple Tree. The sign at the Mary Hanna Rd. exit will direct large RVs to the alternate entrance which will also be marked. Just follow the signs!

Ok, we made it to the entrance to Triple Tree. Now what?

If you’re arriving before the gates officially open, you will be parked in our pre-event staging area in the order you arrived. You will find that the Fun, Fellowship and Hospitality will begin as soon as you arrive. The Welcome Center is located at the top of the hill.  Friendly Triple Tree volunteers will be there to help you with any information you need. Remember, you can go ahead and complete your registration before the gates open. Please print the waiver form in advance and have it completed when you visit the Welcome Center to get your registration documents.
Triple Tree events are not open to the general public. You must be an AMA member, a member of an aviation related organization (Civil Air Patrol, EAA, NBAA, AOPA, any aircraft type club, etc) or a licensed general aviation pilot to attend Triple Tree events. Guests of individuals meeting the above qualifications are also welcome.

How soon can we pick out our campsite?

You will receive notification of the impending opening of the gates and once opened, you will be allowed onto the grounds in the same order that you arrived (first parked in the staging area will be first thru the gate). Other than the premium sites, all other camping sites are not reserved and are first come, first served. We ask that you follow the directions of the staff in parking. We understand that parking parallel to the scenic areas (flight lines, lakes, etc.) may be enticing but we’re going to ask that you park as directed, at an angle so that we can fit more great campers into a given area. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Bath House.

There are two bath house facilities with real flush toilets. The showers have a wet and dry area with a locked door. Hair dryers are already plugged in next to the sink for you convenience. 

Is there any source onsite for food and general supplies?

Yes, there is. For basic supplies, the Triple Tree General Store will be open at designated times each day. Check out the free Library in the General store. If you have books to donate please do. There are full service grocery, drug and hardware stores in Woodruff. You will find multiple food vendors onsite that are open for breakfast and lunch. For fine dining, Greenville is about a 35 minute drive away.
Don’t forget to check the schedule for the world-class Triple Tree dinner meals. The absolute highlight is the world famous Triple Tree BBQ. What could possibly be better than cooked on site pork BBQ, boiled shrimp, lots of sides and the world’s best chocolate chip cookies? Well, add a big band playing WWII music in front of a hangar full of WWII trainers and it just doesn’t get much better! Tickets are limited to 1,000 people and these sell out fast! One note: don’t let 1,000 people in line scare you. We serve everyone in less than 20 minutes!


There is one road that traverses the entire length of Triple Tree. During our major events, this road can become VERY busy with golf carts, Triple Tree buses, arriving and departing campers, foot traffic and motorcycles. THE SPEED LIMIT IS 10 MPH. BUSES AND PEDESTRIANS HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY. ONLY LICENSED DRIVERS OVER 16 YEARS OF AGE MAY OPERATE A MOTORIZED VEHICLE WHILE ON TRIPLE TREE PROPERTY.

Now for the Flying!

We ask that all model aircraft flown on the Classic (Main) and 3D lines meet the following criteria:
At least ¼ scale or
80” wingspan for monoplanes
60” wingspan for biplanes
All models must have their failsafe set to the following parameters:
Engine – idle
Controls surfaces – set to your choice
Please operate all model aircraft (including quads) in a designated flight line area. Please do not operate any model behind any flight line area as this poses a potential hazard.

General Rules

Start model engines/motors only if the nose of the aircraft is forward of your flight station.
You must have a spotter. If you don’t have one, just ask any of your new buddies or one of the Triple Tree flight line safety bosses. We’ll make sure this requirement doesn’t keep you from flying!
2.4 ghz radio systems required
Radios ON only at flight station and when you’re ready to fly.
Rules specific to Classic (Main) Line
Fly a normal racetrack pattern. Basic aerobatics are ok. NO 3D flying!

Rules specific to 3D Line

There will be a safety line painted in front of the flight stations. Keep all 3D maneuvers beyond this painted line. No high energy maneuvers with aircraft headed towards flight line or spectators.

Float flying

Fly only from flight stations. Individual sand beach flight stations and a dock are provided. Rescue boat is available. Do not overfly campers. Stay over the lake.

Heli Flight Line

Fly only from flight stations. Remain within your flight box.

Electric Line

This rapidly expanding area is the new favorite and is designed to accommodate electric park flyers and slower, smaller electrics (less than 80” wingspan). Flying style is open to pilot discretion.

UGH! Crashes

If  you crash or see a crash, make a mental note of where you where standing and where you last saw the model reference some landmark (tree, just to the left of the tower, etc.). With this info, the Triple Tree Crash Crew can usually retrieve it. Yes, we do have a cherry picker truck for accessible, low hanging tree landings and a boat for lake retrieval.

What about when you’re not flying?

Triple Tree has incredible hiking with over six miles of walking trails. Fishing in our two lakes is another favorite. Feel free to consume caught fish while on Triple Tree property. In other words, keep what you can eat and throw back the others. The next fisherman will thank you! Don’t miss the evening social events/dinners. You’ll never find a more beautiful setting than dinner on the patio overlooking the lake with the sun setting and LED lit models flying. It’s just awesome! Be sure and visit all of the vendor tents. Not only will the latest and greatest equipment be available, there is usually special pricing on many items. Feel free to come into the hangar and inspect some really beautiful airplanes. Pat’s Spartan Executive “The Spirit of Triple Tree” is fully restored and is just incredibly beautiful. You won’t see one of these sitting around most airports! Lastly, be sure to check out the seminars and workshops.

As a guest, what can I do to help?

Most of all, we want you to have a great, relaxing time while at Triple Tree. You can help though by helping to keep litter in the trash barrels and off the beautiful grounds. ALL trash is going to have to get picked up so if you see trash on the ground, please pick it up and dispose of it. Next, if you have a little spare time and want to volunteer, we’ll do our best to find you something to do! Just contact any Triple Tree volunteer and they’ll get your cell number and we’ll contact you with opportunities.

A final note from the Triple Tree staff and volunteers

All of us at Triple Tree are excited to welcome both our new and old friends to Triple Tree again this year. Please, leave all of the world’s stress behind you at our gates. Once through that famous Triple Tree gate is a world of flying fun and friends. Come enjoy a true “aviator’s field of dreams”.  It was conceived, constructed and carefully manicured just for YOU!