Triple Tree's General Aviation Events


Chilly Chili Fly-in & Lunch 2014 February 8

Fabric & Tailwheel & Lunch 2014 June 7

South Carolina Breakfast Club 2014 July 13

 Triple Tree Fly-in 2014 September 4-8


You are invited to Triple Tree to experience one of our world class events or we can host yours!  We offer:

  • 400 plus acres of meticulously groomed grounds
  • 7000'x400' smooth bermuda bentgrass runway
  • Commercial kitchen area
  • Several common areas for outdoor and sheltered meetings and gatherings
  • Lakes and bordering river to enjoy fishing, canoeing and kayaking
  • Restored military control tower
  • Beautiful camping and RV sites
  • Bathhouses with composite decking, granite counters and hair dryers
  • 100LL fueling available for selected events


You can see it here.