Future Vision

                                                                   Triple Tree – The Vision

Triple Tree Aerodrome exists for several purposes.

First and foremost, Triple Tree provides an unequaled facility for the education, enjoyment and promotion of aviation in all forms. It is vitally important that the present and future generation(s) understands the benefits of aviation. We believe the passion for aviation knows no age limit (young or old). We also believe that the education, dedication and discipline required by aviation are learned skills that are critically important to the future success of an individual no matter what their profession.

Triple Tree is the world’s most user-friendly aviation education facility.

Our vision is that thru our facility and programs, we will inform and educate the public on the history of aviation, aerodynamics, flight control and energy management, construction techniques and many, many other aviation related subjects. Triple Tree will deliver the foundation that will support a deep understanding of aviation down the road. We currently have programs that, in coordination with local schools, allow children to learn about aviation in a hands-on, classroom setting. They are able to touch restored historic aircraft, learn about runways and airport operations and experience control line and  RC models. The excitement and eagerness to learn about aviation is still very much evident in each of these classes.

In our view, model aircraft provide a very important link in this educational chain. At Triple Tree, anyone interested in aviation can begin with simple, affordable control-line models then move to RC models and receive assistance and encouragement from an experienced Triple Tree Aviator. There are model aircraft events that are targeted just to youngsters (Youth Masters, AirJam, etc.). The Triple Tree Fly-In offers exposure to the many aspects of full-scale aviation.  A previous winner of Youth Masters and recipient of a ride in Pat’s Stearman,  recently graduated from USAF Pilot Training at the top of his class.

 In the future, we hope to provide introductory flights to motivated and deserving candidates.

 We believe that Triple Tree will be the cradle of aviation passion for the next great generation of aviation enthusiasts. The current generation of aviators (both modelers and full-scale alike) can help us realize this goal by supporting our events and making a donation when possible.

Triple Tree Aerodrome is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All funds derived from the events and donations go directly towards the upkeep, operation and maintenance of the facility. The property was recently donated by the Hartness family. Essentially, as aviators, the future of this incredible facility now rests with us!

Triple Tree is, and always will be, a fun, enjoyable, family friendly place.