FPV Flightline and MultiGP Racing

All FPV frequencies must me check out at the FPV flight line tent.

This year, the FPV Multirotor line is back bigger and better. Once again, you will have a chance to rip through gates, and enjoy one of the fastest growing segments of the RC hobby.  Open to all registered pilots with a multirotor and on-board FPV gear, so be sure and bring your quads.
 If you have never flown through gates before, fear not!   This is a chance for anyone with a multirotor to see what all the fuss is about.  Everyone is welcome to come out and have some fun. 
A change from last year, we will be using Raceband channels this time.  This should make it easier on everyone.  Frequency control will be handled by pilot stations, with each station being assigned a frequency.  You will set your gear to the appropriate channel, and get in line for the corresponding station.  For other bands (900, 1.2, and 2.4) please see the flight line boss.  this year  Please make sure you have your VTX set to one of these frequencies before coming to the flight line. 
We also ask that if you are going to be doing any FPV operations anywhere on the property, PLEASE check in with the volunteers at the FPV line to coordinate your frequencies.  We would hate for anyone to have video issues due to miscommunication.  We will be glad to work with you and accomadate all reasonable requests.