Flight Lines

Fly 24 hours a day.
Controlled flying: 9:00am till 6:00pm:  Flight line Procedure and designated aircraft type will be enforced.
After hours flying- all AMA safety rules still apply. No Gas engines after 11:00 PM
9:00am pilots meeting each day, if there is not a pilots meeting that day, Keep flying.

You must check out FPV frequencies at the FPV line tent.

Here is a list of flight lines and aircraft guidelines.  We have tried to include as many aircraft styles as possible, but we are not able to include everything.

Main (Classic) Flight Line

For Giant Scale models. Fly in a racetrack pattern.

80" mono-wing, 60 biplane or 1/4 scale.

6 pilot stations

3D Line

For Giant Scale models.  Fly full out 3D.

80" mono-wing, 60 biplane or 1/4 scale  

5 pilot stations 

FPV Line

All  FPV Frequencies must be check out at this line.

FPV may only be flown in this area. NO camera drones on other flight lines.

Located at the south end of the field behind 3D next to the river

Float  Line

Float planes of all types. (boats are also allowed off to the side)

Any size aircraft.  Fly over lake and not over the campers.

5 pilot stations

Electric Park Flyer

Electric Park flyer and slow flyer style planes.  3D flying must be from the electric 3D pilot stations on the south end.

Wing span Less than 80"

5 pilot stations


All heli's Flown Here

No size restriction. 

7 pilot stations