Flight Lines

Control LineFly 24 hours a day.
9:00am till 6:00pm  Controlled flying: Flight line Procedure and designated aircraft type will be enforced.
After hours flying- all AMA safety rules still apply. No Gas engines after 12:00  midnight.
9:00am pilots meeting each day, if there is not a pilots meeting that day, Keep flying.

Main (Classic) Flight Line

For Giant Scale models meeting IMAA specs. Fly in a racetrack pattern.

80" mono-wing, 60 biplane or 1/4 scale.

6 pilot stations

3D Line

For Giant Scale models.  Fly full out 3D.

80" mono-wing, 60 biplane or 1/4 scale  

5 pilot stations

Float  Line

Float planes of all types. (boats are also allowed off to the side)

No size restrictions.

5 pilot stations

Park Flyer

Electric Park flyer and slow flyer style planes. Flying style open to pilots.

Less than 80"

5 pilot stations


All heli's here. 

No size restriction, 

7 pilot stations

Control Line

All control line flying

Trainer planes will be available for you to try your hand at control line flying, or just relive the past.

3 circles 

Click here for more information  on control line at Joe Nall