First Timers & FAQ

Thank you for making plans to visit us this year. Triple Tree Aviators are all friendly people with a common love of aviation! It seems like everyone goes out of their way to be friendly and helpful here. It really doesn't matter if you are a new student pilot or a senior 747 international captain, you're going to find that the PASSION for flying is alive and well at Triple Tree. You're going to personally discover (or rediscover) the excitement and love for the people, the airplanes and the airport environment that drew you to aviation.


Q: Are there any general guidelines for when I'm on Triple Tree Property?

A: Yes, please briefly read over our property guidelines here.


Q: How long is the runway?

A: 7000ft by 400ft. extremely smooth grass. Think golf course!


Q: How long is the area for landing amphibious planes?

A: 4000ft by 200ft. We suggest you come look at the lake before attempting to land there. You can call Rob Traynham ahead of your arrival for specifics at (864) 640-6573(864) 640-6573


Q: What are the arrival procedures?

A: There is a link on this site here, detailing the suggested arrival procedures. 


Q: Does Triple Tree have a FAA control tower?

A: No. We do have a professionally manned, restored military control tower but use it in an advisory only capacity during the Triple Tree Fly-In. You can ( and we suggest you do) contact the advisory tower (See Arrival Suggestions) by radio on 122.9 when you enter the area.

Q: Do the people in the tower know what they are doing?

A: Yes, the people who run our advisory tower are current air traffic controllers that act in an advisory capacity.

Q: How do you handle ground control?

A: We have trained people who will guide you to your parking location and assist you with anything you need upon arrival. After exiting the runway please switch your radio to 123.9 to talk with the ground control personnel.

Q: Is there a landing fee?

A: No but everyone must pay an admission fee at either the welcome center or pilots lounge.


Q: How do I make a donation?

A; See any of our volunteers at the pavilion for more information or see Support the Vision. Thanks!


Q: What is the address of Triple Tree so I can drive there.

A: 330 Mary Hanna Rd. Woodruff SC, 29388


Q: Can I volunteer to help while I'm at Triple Tree?

A: We want you to enjoy your time at Triple Tree and if that includes volunteering we can always use the help.

Q: I have never been to Triple Tree how do I find my way around?

A: There is a link on the main web page called Triple Tree Layout. This is an aerial photo of Triple Tree with everything marked on it. (It will be updated soon. A few things have changed). Someone will always be near the pavilion to help you. You can also ask anyone you see wearing a Triple Tree Staff/Volunteer Shirt.


Q: Is there anything to do in the local area?

A: Yes, you can venture off on your own for shopping, dining, visiting local battle grounds and plantation houses. Google "Things To See Upstate South Carolina" for more ideas.


Q: What is there to do at Triple Tree?

A: Along with the obvious, enjoying looking at airplanes and meeting old and new new friends, there are workshops and seminars (click here).  We also have cookouts every night. Please visit the food and hospitality page for menus. Finally, Triple Tree Aerodrome offers hiking / walking trails and some of the best bass and bream fishing you will ever experience. The Enoree River runs across the back of the property and is accessible for all kinds of water recreation.     


Q: Do you have fuel for my plane?

A:  No, we do not sell fuel.  However, we do have 100LL for emergency only.


Q: Can I camp near my plane?

A: Yes, we have plenty of camping sites that allow you to camp with your plane in the shade.


Q: What is the charge for camping?

A: See pricing and check-in page for further details.


Q: Can I have a friend meet me at Triple Tree with my camper?

A: Yes, there are plenty of camping areas for every size and type of camping. Make sure you meet anyone coming in by car that does not have a flying organization card so they won't have trouble getting in the gate.


Q: Is there a charge for spectators?

A: Yes, see Pricing and check-in on this website. Children 12 and under free!


Q: Can members of the general public come in as spectators?

A: No. You must be a member or a guest of a member of a flying organization like: EAA, FAA, AMA, AOPA, etc. You will be asked to show your membership card. 


 Q: Are there rental cars available?

A: Yes, We suggest using Enterprise Rental or Elite Car Rental so that cars may be delivered on site at Triple Tree.  Arrangements must be made with Enterprise directly or through Elite Car Rentals at (864) 288-8338(864) 288-8338.


Q: Is there alcohol sold and/or allowed at Triple Tree?

A: No, due to safety, liability and other considerations Triple Tree does not sell nor provide alcohol for the fly-in event. You are welcomed to bring your own or arrangements can be made once you get here thru the concierge service. We ask that you drink responsibly so as to assure your safety and the safety of others. Please be sure to abide by federal and state laws as well as the FARs. We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time here at Triple Tree.


Q: Is there any place locally for everyday needs?

A: Yes, In the town of Woodruff (About 6 miles away) There is an Ace Hardware, CVS, Dollar Store, BI-LO, Food Lion, and several other small shops. Also Burger King, Pizza Hut, and several other restaurants.


Q: Was this the place I saw on TV?  

A: Yes, Triple Tree was featured in Episode 8 on "The Aviators" television series.  Triple Tree's own Joe Nall event was also featured in Episode 9.  You can view them here: Triple Tree and Joe Nall.