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JUNE 9, 2018

There are so many exciting things happening at Triple Tree! We’ve recently announced our new ACE (Aviation Centered Education) program and we already have five new, young RC pilots flying as a result! Another class will be starting soon. This is just the first step towards making aviation more accessible to the next generation of aviators! We’ve all heard that the next generation is only interested in iPads and games but frankly, that hasn’t been our experience. The kids don’t lack interest, they lack exposure!
So, to promote and expose more youth to aviation, Triple Tree has joined forces with one of the most dynamic young duos in aviation today. Cayla McLeod and Ryan Hunt are two young guns that are absolutely consumed with the love of aviation. They are incredible ambassadors and fabulous organizers. Together, working with Triple Tree, AMA, AOPA and the EAA, they have organized a Young Aviators weekend that wraps around the Saturday Fabric and Tailwheel lunch. With weeks to go, they have already received reservations for over 250 people and 90 aircraft. They continue to receive additional reservations at a rate of 8 a day! This is going to be an incredible opportunity for some of us “more mature” pilots to meet many, many of the next generation of aviators. AMA, AOPA, EAA, Warbirds of America, various aircraft manufacturers, multiple colleges and universities, several airlines, and many suppliers are bringing their latest equipment and will be conducting seminars and demonstrations. This is going to be an unbelievable event for sure!
So, some things will remain the same (when compared to our historic Fabric and Tailwheel) like, there’s absolutely no charge for the event. The Triple Tree arrival procedures will be in use and parking will be by the lower gazebo. Bus transportation will be provided to lunch and to the Triple Tree museum/hangar. Next, our lunch on Saturday will be provided by various food trucks that will be located near the patio. Ala carte items will be available at reasonable prices. If you don’t feel like food truck delicacies, are on a tight schedule or want to have a zero-cost event, bring a bag lunch. Lunch begins at noon.

This is going to be a very special event. Plan to come early and stay late. We’ve all talked about how everyone involved with our passion seems to be “growing” and, rightly so, it’s concerning. You’re going to find it especially refreshing to mingle with some of our great country’s youngest, brightest, and most excited aviators! They are out there, they are coming to Triple Tree and, they are anxious to meet and learn from us “earlier generation aviators!”

Many thanks to the sponsors of this event. Without their support, it would not be possible.
See you there!

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