Welcome to eWeek

2016 Registration open soon click here.

Sept 28th - Oct 2nd, 2016

Gate will open Monday, Sept 26th, 2016

Registered pilot $16.00/day

Junior pilot $15.00, Spectators $15.00/day, Camping $20/day

Spectator 12 and under free,  Pilot spouse free


Everyone that comes into Triple Tree must Print, Sign, and bring to a Waiver to the Welcome Center when you first get to Triple Tree. Click here to Print Waiver

To rent a Golf Cart for eWeek contact Golf Cart Services at 864-574-4616.

Triple Tree is very well known as the home of “Fun, Fellowship and Hospitality”, Joe Nall Week, Triple Tree Fly-In and many, many other incredible aviation events. The newest and fastest growing RC event is eWeek. While it’s a relatively young event, eWeek is already considered by many RC lovers as the “Baby Nall”! Hundreds of electric RC pilots come each year to enjoy a whole lot of electric flying and a little cooler weather and a little slower pace.

As we say at Tripe Tree, “If it flies, we like it” and this certainly applies to all electrics! Bring your helicopters, multi-rotors, airplanes, giant scales, foamies, park flyers and anything else that is electric! ALL flight lines will be open and the grass and grounds are truly spectacular this time of year. Camping is more plentiful than ever with new areas being cleared continuously. Between the beautiful grass, the rolling hills, the lakes and the great people you’ll meet, you just can’t find a better experience than eWeek at Triple Tree.

Please take a minute and pre-register for this exciting event. If you do, your pre-printed registration package will be waiting for you at our beautiful Welcome Center and our great volunteer staff will be able to have you heading to the world’s prettiest camping spots in minutes. Speaking of camping, our bath houses are the best and cleanest you’ll ever experience. Our lakes are just overrun with fish and you’re welcome to eat what you catch! Kids love Triple Tree!

All of us at Triple Tree look forward to seeing our many old and new friends. Please make plans now to come to Triple Tree and eWeek. You’ll have the time of your life!