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eWeek 2013 Review


Well, another eWeek is history. Once again, Triple Tree provided the perfect venue for an event that will be remembered fondly by the pilots, their guests and the staff/volunteers at Triple Tree. The first day weather was a little shaky but after that, man oh man was it beautiful! As usual, participants started showing up early in the week. Triple Tree itself is a “destination” and especially during the fall, you’d be hard pressed to find a more beautiful, serene camping spot so why not come early?


Wednesday was windy but there were accomplished pilots flying. The road into Triple Tree was busy with the remainder of the 271 pilots arriving. As usual, all were greeted by the friendly Triple Tree staff and they quickly settled into their favorite camping spot. Picking just the right spot can be difficult as practically every spot comes with a “premium” view!


The event ramped up starting Thursday with many, many electric models flying. The technology of these models is just amazing and, as usual, the Triple Tree flyers brought the latest and greatest! The models ranged from the wispy Vapors to light twins to beautiful scalewarbirds to 3D flyers and everything in between.


Triple Tree offers such a huge range of model activities during each year. eWeek has been unofficially called the “Electric Nall”. In some ways, the two events are similar in that they provide Fun, Fellowship and Hospitality (not to mention the very best RC aircraft flying at the very best flying facility) but the two events are also very different. The Nall provides giant-scale, heart-pounding, high intensity excitement thru pure power and performance. It’s exciting, fast paced and HUGE! eWeek, on the other hand, is just more relaxed. The crowd is smaller (but growing), the pace is slower and the airplanes are best described as elegant. Have you ever watched a beautiful hawk soaring? Same feel. The silence of these beautiful models somehow make them more, for the lack of a better word, majestic. It’s fascinating to watch the models perform scale flights or incredible aerobatics while making a pleasant sound that's nothing more than a whisper. The lack of noise is most evident with the night flyers. The silence of the aircraft, combined with the beautiful LED lights make it a truly inspiring, almost magical event.


Speaking of magical events, the evening meals were heavily attended and everyone seemed to enjoy the food, the friends and the beautiful evening Triple Tree views.


Lastly, the vendors provided the opportunity for the pilots to see and experience the latest in electric aviation. There were many, many boxes carried away during the week. Auctions held on the last night benefitted both the auction item winners and Triple Tree as the participating vendors sold their display items at incredible prices and then made substantial donations to Triple Tree from the proceeds. Great equipment at great prices are always a special part of eWeek!


The staff and volunteers at Triple Tree would like to thank all of the pilots, guests, spectators and vendors that participated in this year’s event. It was a great experience and we look forward to seeing all of you back for more events in 2014!