Camping at Triple Tree

$11.00 Nightly Camping Fee (for the campsite, not per individual)
Triple Tree spreads out over 400 beautiful acres of land and lakes, so you will not have a problem finding a place to camp, no matter what size camper, motor home, or tent you have.


The nightly camping fee covers the site where you set up your camper. You can have as many people sleeping in your camper/tent as you want. However, if any male over 12 years old, that is not a registered pilot or the spouse of a registered pilot they will have to pay the spectator fee also.

Be prepared for Thunder Storms. They can come up quick and contain high winds and dangerous lighting. The Gazebos have been struck by lighting, so they are not the best place to be in a storm.

Bug Spray is a must.

We have some of the best fishing in South Carolina right here at Triple Tree. You are welcome to eat what you catch while you are here, but please don't keep fish to take home with you.

We have over six miles of walking trails


Poison Ivy

This plant grows wild in South Carolina and if you come in contact with it it can cause a very itchy rash. Take care and stay clear of it while in the woods and around the campsite.


The Lodging  is Under Construction

Click here Lodging within 20 Miles of Triple Tree