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2016 Control line review:

2016....What a Year!! Just when we thought we have experienced all the possible highs from a week at Triple Tree, May 2016 exceeds all expectations. How? Read on.

This was our fifth year at the terrific circles and our second with a stunt contest completing the week's activities. That is 8 straight days of flying, meeting again with old friends, and making lots of new ones. And each year, prior year new pilots return with their own airplanes! It doesn't get much better than that. Or does it?

We, the "Green Hat Gang," do the the student training for the entire week. It is gratifying and tiring at times. We added an old young friend, Logan, to our core!   This young man not only started learning the stunt pattern but also became our first Joe Nall created Flight Instructor! Quite simply, he has the right stuff. He loves aviation and will soon have his full scale pilots license. He is also curious and not fearful. He did ask me why he was not getting assigned any of the female students. We told him that would take a few more years!

We returned with three brand new Stevens Aero RingRats in addition to a couple of veteran Rats. They have made all our new student training and fun possible.  They fly great and can really take a hit.

We also returned knowing (well, I knew this) that we would fly with our 2,000th student since beginning in 2012. We were all very proud of that milestone and the terrific cooperation from the previously all R/C community. As the week progressed, Thursday was going to be the magic day but we could not predict the time nor of course the individual pilot.

My partner Will Davis had personally constructed a wonderful commemorative plaque which included the prop from that airplanes historic flight. To add excitement, we displayed the award all week and it seems as though everyone wanted it. As it was displayed with the shirts we sell to help offset costs, people asked how they could win the award. I told them if they did not buy a shirt, they had no chance! I was kidding.

I had previously asked my big three, Pat Hartness, Mike Gregory, and Mark Davidson, if we could present the plaque during the Friday awards ceremony at the main flight line.  They happily agreed and that opportunity fueled the quest to be number 2,000 even more. It was feeling like the red carpet for the Academy Awards!

As daylight started to fade, Will, Wayne Robinson, and I got together to go through the sign up sheets to determine the true 2,000 pilot. We were excited but nervous too wondering who would it be and how they might act in front of the big noontime crowd.

We counted our sheets for the week and found we had passed 2,000 about 37 pilots ago. What is they left Triple Tree? How would we contact them before noon the following day.

Well, we countered backwards from 2037 and found our winner and we also noticed that the next pilot had the same last name! Great a couple of winners.. Now to find them. Someone had the brainstorm to start collecting mobile phone numbers as Thursday training began. We started calling the couple and got voice mails. With all the training we do, we could not remember who these two people were.

A short time later, a young man came by and we recognized him immediately. The winners were Martin and Sarah England. Martin, Sarah, and their family had flown and even bought shirts. Not only were they the perfect couple and family, but Sarah's Dad  Tim Tipton was one of our experienced pilots who had been with us all week! The excitement level was off the charts.

It is also interesting to note that  Martin  is an accomplished 3D pilot who shared with me a photo of him tail dipping his airplane into the 3D pond. It was Tim that encouraged him to drop by the circles and give control line a try.

The Friday Awards Ceremony. Was only a few hours away when a golf cart arrived at the circles with familiar and very friendly faces.  Emcee Bob Sadler came by with Mike Gregory to finalize the details for the presentation. At 11:45, we made our way to the main line and the ceremonies began. Bob Sadler introduced me to the crowd and I shared the significance of the award and called up the entire winning family.

Martin made a terrific acceptance speech and proudly held the plaque. As he did, I presented him with a brand new fully equipped RingRat, a surprise gift. They were blown away and life was good, really, really, good.

World Class Stunt Pilot Derek Barry and I were standing behind the podium after we presented the award. Alongside were folks that included Mr. Pat, Mark Davidson, and Mike Gregory. Out of courtesy, we were waiting for the presentation of the coveted Joe Nall Award and then we were headed back to our circles and the first day of stunt competition. Then things gots surreal. As we were quietly chatting and waiting to hear the winner's name, Bob Sadler said something that sounded like..." And he lives in Wilmington, Delaware." Then, he announced my name! For me, it was and is a dream come true.

The circles also saw their second year of control line stunt competition.  This year we added a second day and ran these events: Profile, Classic, and Precision Aerobatics. The results can be found in Stunt News and in the AMA contest results. For us, the greatest joy was seeing the largest entry group was Beginners! That is the future of control line stunt.

Next year??? Good question. We will be asking all Triple Tree pilots who have their own or their father's control line airplane to bring it with them and we will help it get airborne. We are developing some thoughts about next year's contest; more on that as the year progresses.

Finally and most importantly, thank you Pat, Bob, Mike, Mark and the rest of the Triple Tree gang for their terrific support for the past five years. And without all these Joe Nall attendees coming down and joining the fun, we would be a memory at best.


Mark Weiss




The Control Line Circles at Triple Tree Aerodrome for 2016

This May marks the fifth consecutive year that Control Line is alive and better than ever during the Joe Nall week. Thus far, we have had over 1,700 attendees try their hand at flying one of our supplied StevensAero “RingRat” control line airplanes. The addition of our flight line created the name that we so dearly love, “FUN CENTRAL!” 

There is no other place during the Nall where anyone can come down and fly an airplane that is not theirs without prior training!  Everyone has great fun and many have graduated to building their own planes and coming back the following year to show off and learn some more.       

Come on down and sign up for a flight and come back as often as you would like! Our schedule for the week:


          Student Flying      Sat    Sun   Mon   Tues Wed Thurs

          Starts                   Noon     9am    9am    9am    9am    9am

          Ends                      6pm      6pm    6pm    6pm   6pm   6pm

Of all the themes that surround the Triple Tree Aerodrome and the Joe Nall Week, one of the strongest is volunteerism.
Triple Tree and the Joe Nall run incredible well in many aspects thanks for a large group of volunteers who year after year make it all happen.
In the control line circles, volunteerism is everything. The Green Hat Gang of volunteers have provided over 1,700 student training flights to the Joe Nall attendees.
In the same vein, we cannot do what we do without donations. I am so happy and proud to list those organizations/individuals who have again stepped forward to provide vital products/support:
Academy of Model Aeronautics: District IV

Brodak Manufacturing

Stevens Aero
Thunderpower RC
Horizon Hobby
Sullivan Products
Hitec RC
S&W Fuels
Will Hubin
APC Props
IM Screen Printing
Bob Hunt
Wayne Morris

Tony Albence
…and Mr. Bob Shaw
Join us during Joe Nall Week and see why our area has been affectionately named….”Fun Central.”
Mark Weiss
Flight Line Director



Announcing the 2016 Triple Tree Stunt Championships

Friday, May 13 and Saturday, May 14, 2016


Last year, we had a terrific inaugural stunt contest during Joe Nall Week. More than 35 registered pilots enjoyed the surroundings, immaculate circles, top-shelf trophies, commemorative T shirts, and the great camaraderie of friends and competition. Many said the only thing missing was a second day and more events. Not anymore!



·       Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, & Expert Profile & Classic on Friday (combined)

·       Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, & Expert CLPA flown on Saturday

·       No fee for entering either event!

·       Free hot grilled lunch on Saturday for all competitors and event helpers!

·       Free commemorative T shirts for each registered pilot!

·       Trophies  will be provided for the top three in each class

·       Contest begins each day following the 9:00AM Pilot’s Briefing

·       BOM rule is waived; appearance points will not be awarded


While “Joe Nall Week” officially begins on Saturday, May 7th, come a day or two early before the contest to practice, enjoy open flying, and to take in this aero modelling spectacle that attracts over 1,500 registered pilots and nearly 10,000 attendees. Read those numbers again. They are correct. You have to see it to believe it.



Registration is a two-part process:


1.     Log onto the Triple Tree Aerodrome website, click on the “Joe Nall Week” and follow the registration process. Make sure you check “Control Line” as your primary flight line. This gets you into the property. There is a fee based on when you arrive. When you see the property, you will see why. Our rates are lower than last year!



2.    Email or call Mark Weiss, Contest Director…… Mobile (302)547-4917


This will register you for our contest and provide us with your shirt size.

No fees or charges for the contest…..AMA Sanction 16/352


I am looking for judges. Your help would be greatly appreciated


Mark Weiss, CD


“All of the beautiful control line facilities have been

made possible through the enormous generosity of Bob Shaw”